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As you know by now, whenever we come across a brand that is sustainably-driven and doing good, we like to create an opportunity to talk about it. Today that brand is The Wandering Coast, a small boutique label for women from the U.S. that focuses on the kind of "boho-chic" looks you can wander off the beach and into dinner in. In Bali, I've really appreciated how the crowd here doesn't put a lot of emphasis on dressing up for dinner because when it's 85 degrees after sunset, no one really feels like putting a lot of effort into looking fancy, right? I think I've worn some form of loose, flowing dress to just about every meal, and when we head to Sydney in about a week or two and I have to wear "real" clothes again, I think it might come as a bit of a shock...

What I love about The Wandering Coast is their dual commitment to creating and sourcing sustainably-made pieces and to donating a big portion of their profits to a rotating number of causes. Currently, ten percent of every purchase goes toward covering medical costs for those in need in rural Kenya. Also, their pieces are just fun. I'm not super into patterns or anything bright or colorful when I'm in a typical setting, but in Bali those styles are pretty much demanded of you, and it's been fun to feel like I'm dressing the part of a Balinese traveller during our time here.

This week we've been driving all around the island, heading to as many "untapped" zones as possible, like in the far north and far east of the island. Something we've noticed lately (and absolutely love) is that Bali takes the cake on car window-watching. A two hour car ride can feel like half that, just because of all of the stores and fruit stalls and mopeds carrying families of four (!) zipping past you. There's rarely a lull in the landscape or a town that's just kind of "blah", and as a person who usually parks herself at whichever cafe has the best people watching scene, I've appreciated that.


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