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Wearing: Alexia Shorts in Pink Multiprint

I was watching Shark Tank the other day, and the sharks were laying into some young entrepreneur after he claimed that what made his business different was its commitment to social good. One of the sharks immediately shook his head, and pointed to the fact that, in this day and age, almost every business has a social enterprise because that's what people are attracted to.

All I could think was a combination of this poor kid and how cool is that? Say what you will about the "me-generation," but we're living in a time when people genuinely want their actions to have positive impact, and are aware more so than ever that even the smallest of actions (buying a towel in this episode's case) can have the power to make a real difference in the life of someone they've never met, but care about. What an under-appreciated reality.

We're more aware of our common humanity now than we've ever been, and even though there's always going to be a lot of bad in this world, I think that's something that isn't celebrated often enough.

Poeme is a clothing brand swept up in that same do-good mentality that seems to be some kind of present-day, positive epidemic. Summery and light, the looks from this brand are perfect for the season we're (finally!) heading into and are backed by an ethos you'll be proud to associate yourself with.

Based out of Vancouver, but manufactured in Bali, Poeme offers an ethical alternative to the kind of beach cover-up, long summer days, picnic-table-dinner or Cape-house-cocktail atmosphere we've all spent the winter fantasizing about. Their looks are summer-chic. Nice enough that you'll feel like you're put together, but not so nice that you'll be grabbing endless napkins to protect your outfit for that barbecue on your best friend's lawn. They're the kind of outfits you can run after your younger cousins in, but still expect a handful of compliments on.

Now for the good they do: Poeme goes above and beyond to care for its Balinese employees. They not only pay above average wages and provide the kind of leave that those in the first-world consider mandatory, but those in the third-world often go without (religious holidays, maternity, vacation days, sick days, etc.) but also cover health care costs for the entire family of those who work for them.

Having recently been in Bali and having recently gotten pretty ill there myself, we know that this is no small thing. Adequate medical care isn't a given across Indonesia, and I can only imagine the level of relief Poeme employees must experience in there day-to-day lives knowing that they don't need to worry about such an important element of financial and medical security. When you think you're having a rough day, realizing that you've never gotten sick and wondered if and when help would be on the way can really put things in perspective.

We're grateful, as always, to align ourselves with brands like Poeme, that keep that perspective ever-present, and work hard to alleviate the stresses and difficulties facing those in developing nations.

You might not get the chance to do a ton of good every single day, but doing good through what you wear is a small way to show that you support a world where every business has a social enterprise and are going to help get it there.


Anna Lisa

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