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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

I am so so excited about this post. We may not live in the largest apartment, or have the most sizable nursery, but I spent a significant amount of time picking and choosing exactly what were the essentials for our baby boy's space because of this, and it was SO fun, so I'm pretty pumped to share it. I love decorating and DIY home projects, and if we owned this space instead of renting it, I would probably have painted the floor and switched out some light fixtures and who knows what else...but in the meantime, we're renters and it's a fun challenge figuring out what you can getaway with doing with the hopes of still getting that security deposit back someday.....No promises, Porter.

I'm going to make this post a simple one, just by sharing photos and going through certain items, where they're from, and why we chose them, but it's worth noting at the beginning that the temporary wallpaper in the background is from Milton & King. Temporary or not, wallpapering is something I secretly (or not so secretly, if you know me personally) really, really enjoy doing. I honestly don't know why, but that zen headspace that according to neurologists creates tons of endorphins, really hits home for me when I'm quietly wallpapering a room, listening to music or a podcast, and am in the zone. I was about 18-24 weeks along when I was wallpapering the nursery, and even though it took awhile and was frustrating at times, I would listen to positive birth story podcasts and start to daydream about the newborn baby that was going to result from this pregnancy, and it's a time that I look back on really fondly. I will be devastated if I'm ever too busy to wallpaper a room myself...I genuinely love it that much. It also helps when it ends up looking great (for the most part). Side Note: Porter shares neither my passion nor skill in this area of decorating....He's tried a couple of times, but has now been "shunned" from any and all wallpapering zones. Fortunately, he's good at other things.

Bear hamper from Crate & Barrel.

Our grey striped rug is from Pehr Designs. It is so so so soft, and I know I might regret the white on certain days, but it's so comfy that, as of now, I genuinely don't care that it might not be the most practical color. I'm hoping they expand their rug collection in the next year or so because it's just that soft. Our second favorite spot for rugs (and where the rest of the rugs in our apartment are from) is Froy.

We received the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor as a baby shower present from some friends, and it was super easy to set up, streams directly to our phones, and wraps around anything (kind of like a pipe cleaner). Obviously, we can't report yet on exactly how well it works until after baby boy arrives, but so far we're really happy with the choice we made and like that we get alerts sent directly to our phone if the noise level is too loud in there (which it was quite a bit this week because of the constant Boston construction).

our crib is the Stokke Sleepi Mini. Off the bat, this was the crib I really, really wanted. The circular design, natural wood, and fact that it extends out into a larger crib (and eventually a toddler bed) checks all the boxes for us. The longer we can get use out of baby items, the better.

Little baby rocker is by Charlie Crane Paris, and our glider is from Wayfair (it was on sale when we snagged it and still is!). We decided not to splurge on the glider just because we were honestly just going after function, but if we had been, I loved this vegan leather one from Pehr Designs.

Bookcase from Urban Outfitters Home - our go-to for apartment decor. I think this exact style is currently sold out, but it's a part of the Marte Collection, which I would love to purchase in its entirety (but Porter would have a heart attack). The collection is all made from recycled salvaged wood.

Baby blue rhino by Maileg, which has an incredibly adorable animal collection. Other favorites are the Mini Elephant and the Gantosaurus.

These chimes are from the Australian company Babynoise, that makes all kinds of instruments to introduce babies and toddlers to music early on. They have the cutest little egg shaker maracas, and the design of all their instruments is very clean and aesthetic and organic, which by now you probably know if my favorite.

Baby boy's shoes from Nomies.

I've been more excited than is probably normal about being reintroduced to so many favorite picture books these past few months. It's probably the English major in me, but I've been a little obsessive about hunting down certain picture books - even ones that are somehow no longer in print, and trying hard to remember exactly which ones had the greatest impact on me when I was little. Probably over thinking this, but there are so many real world lessons I remember absorbing or being exposed to for the first time when my dad would read to me and my sisters at night - there was a Ruby Bridges book about desegregating schools in the south that stands out in my memory as something that really made an impression on me, and a few Berenstein Bears books with topics like envy or jealousy that my dad would constantly quote from to drive home the moral lessons. If you have any favorite picture books do not hesitate to shoot me a message, I will spare no cost when it comes to our book collection haha.

I LOVE our little elephant mobile (it's from the Etsy shop HelloBirdieBirdie) and they make ones with all sorts of animals. We also loved the foxes and sheep mobiles.

Buffalo print by Mandi Nelson

The animal cards above actually flip over and become letter cards that spell out our baby's name...but I'm keeping them flipped over for now just in case people stop by who we want it to be a surprise for (our immediate families already know). I'm forgetting exactly where they're from (pregnancy brain) but know that it's a small shop based out of Australia, so I'm going to try to hunt down the name this week and link it soon!

our little changing pad is from Amazon, and the cover on it right now is from Pehr Designs (their "Life Aquatic" changing pad cover is super cute too). I also purchased some less expensive organic changing pad covers from Burt's Bees Baby that I'm really happy with the quality of.

These floating animal heads were a bit of a splurge, but I really love them and feel like I'll find a place for them in subsequent baby rooms in the years to come. I believe they're from Serena and Lily, and come in a variety of other animals and sizes (Porter picked the animals on these actually, and did so painstakingly for about an hour at the dinner table one night this Spring).

we went with the Ubbi Diaper Pail based off of some friends' recommendations. I'm kind of neurotic when it comes to how frequently I take out the trash, so I'm hoping the odor-locking feature is a great as we've been told...

Favorite ever diffuser from Follain.

This little xylophone is also from Babynoise. I love that their little instruments can make for beautiful decorative pieces until the baby is old enough to be fully engaged. If you got to play the xylophone at our elementary school at any sort of school concert (I never did), it gave you serious bragging rights, so I'm hoping starting him young might give him the upper hand at a shot at that, if it's still as coveted as it was when we were little (kidding....sort of).

Going to be replacing my favorite Vere Verto backpack with a diaper backpack from Birdling one of these days....I just use this one so much and it's travelled with me to so many places (literally every country we've been to - something like 27) that I'm a little sentimental about hanging it elsewhere....Might just have to add a second hook!

& last but not least this is the co-sleeper we went with from Babybay. I knew that I wanted a co-sleeper basically from the moment we found out we were expecting, but it honestly took me a very long time to find one that I loved the aesthetic and functionality of. I'm naturally drawn to anything in natural wood so that was a major win for me, and the fact that it's incredibly eco-friendly puts my mind at ease. ALSO, this co-sleeper can be pushed up against a wall to create a diaper changing table, or eventually be lowered to create a bench for little kids in a playroom, which I love the idea of. It's always great when you buy things you know you can repurpose at some point if need be. I can't wait to see our baby sleeping soundly in this little bed in just a few short weeks (or days - a girl can dream).

^ And just for the sake of social media versus reality, this is the closet in our nursery....which is actually my closet and not nearly as neat as I usually (would like to) keep it. My closet used to be color coordinated and not have any bureaus in it, but we're living in an 1100 square foot apartment (a fourth floor walk up, to be exact) and you gotta do what you gotta do. I thought about closing it with doors, but that just made the nursery feel sooo much smaller, so I'm counting down the the days until I can switch out the majority of my summer things for fall and it will mostly be jackets and not make getting into some of those drawers quite so annoying.....I hope. I'm also quietly mourning the number of shoes I don't think I'll ever be able to wear again after this baby comes because my feet have grown almost a full size this pregnancy. I have some fall and winter boots that I have lived in since going to school in Ireland, and if I have to give them up I'm going to be semi-devastated...

If there are any items I forgot to link to, shoot me a message and I'll try to dig up a link. Spending the rest of today drinking red raspberry leaf tea and digging into the new Emily Oster data-centered parenting book (it's called Cribsheet and I'm about halfway through and have really enjoyed it!). Going to be back on here later this week with a more in-depth post on my pregnancy experience, what I think has helped more and less, and what we're doing to prep for when our baby decides to arrive....


Anna Lisa

*Thank you to Pehr Designs, Babynoise Australia, Urban Outfitters Home, and Milton & King for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions remain our own.

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