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Whelp, I’m officially 35 and a half weeks pregnant and am fully starting to understand Rachel’s frustration in that episode of Friends where she’s late and wearing a belly shirt and Ross asks her if she wants to put on something more appropriate, and she goes ballistic. I think I’ve worn a sports bra and gym shorts 90% of the time for the last week, and when the real feel hit 100 yesterday, I gave up, took a couple of cold baths, and resorted to asking that everything be brought to me in the AC rather than having to get up. I’m not a brat, I swear, there’s just only so much motivation one can muster when it is this hot, you live on a fourth floor walk up in a building without central air, and you are officially very pregnant.

Honestly, I feel like I haven’t had many low points in this pregnancy at all, so it’s okay to “indulge” in being kind of lazy and making very little plans these last few weeks. Yes, my rings are currently stuck on a finger that decided to swell up in a single night. Yes, my ankles have followed suit, and I’m starting to feel that tightness in the skin on my belly as baby boy packs on the pounds. I might get up to a pee half a dozen (Porter would say an actual dozen) times a night, but you know what? If someone had been able to show pre-pregnancy me that this is what being 35 weeks pregnant was going to feel like in late July, I would have immediately said, “really? That’s not that bad at all. I can definitely handle that.” I know this isn’t every woman’s experience, and it’s most definitely not something I’m taking for granted, but I do think pregnancy and childbirth have a lot of fear heavily mixed in by our culture and the media, so anytime I can tell someone preparing for this stage - it might actually not be nearly as difficult as your expecting, I want to. So I am. 

Porter and I took these pics on our Babymoon in Martha’s Vineyard last month, which was so so nice. We’ve travelled a lot in the just under two years we’ve been married, so I was really wanting to stay close to home and just lay on the beach somewhere and read. So, that’s exactly what we did, and let me tell you, being weightless in the ocean or a lake or a pool for even just a half an hour of the day has made this whole third trimester thing so much more manageable and relaxing. Running is usually where I achieve that zen head space, but because I haven’t been able (or wanting) to do any of that - floating is the new running. Does it burn as many calories? Not quite. But I feel like I’m getting similar endorphin benefits from just being still and away from technology and in nature for a bit. It’s made slightly less relaxing, though, when our eighty pound dog decides I look like I’m in distress and basically drowns me in his attempts to “save my life”. At least I know it comes from a good place... 

We took these photos one night while waiting for a pizza to be delivered around sunset time for a watch brand we’ve quickly grown to love called Mondaine. Porter kept joking that it makes sense for us to collaborate with watch companies right now because I’m currently obsessed with time. How much time does he think we’ll need to get to the hospital, how much time does he think I’ll be in labor for, how much time does he think until I go into labor, who’s going to be in charge of timing contractions, the list goes on. I’m a planner, I like to know what’s ahead and I like to prepare for it, so this whole “you’re 86% more likely to give birth not on your due date than on it” reality has been an adjustment for me.

Mondaine, like all companies we collaborate with, Mondaine is sustainably focused, and their new "Essence" collection is made up of 70% recycled and renewable materials. Honestly, sometimes we collaborate with brands, but end up re-boxing what we’ve received and sending it back. Products can look great online, but then you get them in your hand and the quality or design just isn’t what it was made out to be. The opposite is true in the case of these watches. They’re comfortable, functional, and honestly just minimalistic and summery in the best possible way. The band feels like linen that's been through the wash with fabric softener, and the focus on sustainability is just icing on the cake. Their insta handle is @mondaine_watch if you want to check them out. If your not in current need of a watch, mentally file them under well-designed brands that are doing a whole lot of good for the planet. We've kept ours on since they came in, and I don't see mine coming off anytime soon (even if I am loosening it every now and then thanks to, again, some swelling in the hands department!).

I’m working on getting a few more blog posts up before the baby arrives. Obviously, this will totally depend on when he decides to arrive, but I’m wanting to do a nursery “reveal” post, a more in depth overview of the third trimester and things I’ve found helpful/less than helpful, and then a last little post on everything I’m feeling and packing and processing leading up to his birth. Honestly, I’m trying to post on here more for me leading into this first year of our first baby’s life, and to treat this space as a diary I can refer back to for details on a year that will surely be a sleep-deprived blur at times.

After he’s here, I’ll most definitely be sharing his birth story on here, too, as women who have been willing to share their stories both on and off-the-line (name that movie reference) with me have had a huge impact on the positive headspace I feel like I’ve been able to maintain 95% of the time during this pregnancy. So, expect the frequency of my posts on here to go up a bit, but also expect typos, run-on sentences, and a lack of conclusive endings, because I’m wanting to allow myself to be “unrestricted” creatively as a writer and as a photographer as Porter and I shift into this new phase of life as parents, not just for the sake of being “real” but for the sake of letting go of some of the “perfectionist” tendencies I lean into when it comes to my work. I’m feeling like early parenthood is a good time to realize that I need to let a lot of that go, and to focus instead on being present. 


Anna Lisa 

*thank you to Mondaine for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions remain our own. 

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