A Weekend Getaway

Last weekend Porter and I FINALLY got the chance to work with Getaway, a company that offers a camping / glamping hybrid within an hour or so of a growing number of major cities in America. Getaway is all about having that unplugged, back-to-nature experience camping offers without having to sacrifice some of the more beloved comforts of home (like a mattress, heat, a hot shower, and a stove).

I came across Getaway on Instagram awhile back and made a mental note to spend a winter weekend there if at all possible. I'm so grateful we were able to make that happen. To put it lightly, this time of year in New England is a little dismal. We've had barely any snow this year, and February and March are usually considered the toughest months - that time of year when everyone is ready for winter to be on its way out and spring, due to arrive any minute....BUT it almost never works out that way. Winter almost always sticks around until the beginning of April, and by then everyone has been sun-deprived for a solid five months. SO changing things up this time of year, adding some excitement to your life in the form of small weekend getaways (or big trips, if possible) is usually a must. Even just a night away in the woods playing bananagrams and reading books can help.

What we loved most about Getaway is how independent they allow those visiting to be. You receive every detail you'll need via text message, so there's no need to go check-in at the front desk, or even see any other people on Getaway trips if you don't feel the need to. It makes it feel a little less like a hotel and a little more like you're renting a tiny Air BnB cabin, which helps to echo the calm that comes from the solitude of being in the woods.

Another thing we loved about the weekend was how most basic necessities were provided for us in our little cabin. The heat worked amazingly well (I've always found cabins, even tiny ones, to have below-average heating systems), tea, coffee, and snacks were available in a little basket above our stove, and they even left us out a s'mores kit. The functionality of these little cabins is also so interesting from a design standpoint. Absolutely no space is wasted and somehow (I think it's the high ceilings and big floor to ceiling windows by the bed) they just don't feel all that tiny or cramped. They feel more like a cozy, efficient place for humankind to wait out some kind of apocalypse, as Porter put it. Morbid, but I can't help but agree.

If you're in Boston or Washington D.C. or NYC we would definitely suggest planning your own Getaway for this fall or spring. The places they set up their camps on have access to things like hiking trails, bike trails, lakes for swimming and water sports, and we feel like this is an especially great trip to do with friends.

Going somewhere where the focus is genuinely just on spending time together and not filling your day with tons of "stuff" to do is getting harder and harder these days. Take advantage of the opportunity, and whether it's camping in your own backyard or going on a Getaway yourself, make it a priority to spend time doing things that take you back to a time when being constantly connected and scheduled wasn't important to you.

ALSO - if you do decide to book, use the code RECESS25 to get $25 off your first booking!


Anna Lisa & Porter

*Thank you to Getaway for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions remain our own.

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