A Charleston Staycation

It’s been a much longer time than I anticipated since I’ve last written anything on here and WOW has the world changed since my last post (both in our little family and in the greater sense of that statement). I do have a longer life update post in the works talking about our decision to spend some time down here in Charleston during COVID, life with a very busy toddler, and just the general ins and outs of our day to day these days (hint: lots of fish tacos, lots of surfing, lots of “Little Blue Truck”), but today I just wanted to put up a quick post about the time we spent two weeks ago now at The Beach Club Charleston.

Obviously with the pandemic we have done very few getaways (read: none) in quite some time so when we got the chance to go shoot and stay at The Beach Club we were pumped to say the least. A big concern of mine initially was whether or not we’d feel safe staying somewhere with the virus still circulating and seeming to be on the rise once again (ugh). I was very VERY pleasantly surprised and immediately put at ease with the restrictions the hotel put in place from the moment we arrived. Masked faces and hand sanitizer were around every corner (so strange to think those two things are such a comfort nowadays when a year ago I’d consider them kind of freaky). The restaurants on the property all offered carry out in lieu of room service, the placement of guests by the pool was well separated, and everyone we encountered seemed incredibly respectful of the boundaries put in place.

Honestly, it was really nice to just get away, even if only 25 minutes from the house we’re currently renting. The mental break from normal life was more needed than I think both Porter and I realized and in the mix of everything going on in the world I think it’s absolutely ok and sometimes absolutely necessary for each of us to put aside a couple of days, shut off the news, open a book, and just allow ourselves to revisit that former time of normalcy.

I don’t think it’s hugely responsible to encourage travel right now, but I do think if things get under control again and you happen to find yourself in the Charleston area or if you just want a dang good blueberry muffin (don’t get me started on how good a The Fish House breakfast is) it’s absolutely worth stopping in at The Beach Club. The rooms are spacious, the staff are warm and will give your little ones the cutest stuffed turtle you’ve ever seen, and the environment is right by the marina and very peaceful. Our days there were well spent splashing in the pool, hanging in robes, and letting Oliver try his first French fries. All good things in a world that feels inundated with a lot of not good things these days. Choosing to cling to whatever calms us down and forces us to live in the moment these days and grateful for an active little boy that helps us do that.

That’s all for now


Anna Lisa

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