Our Lightroom Editing Crash-Courses Are Style-Specific, Intuitive, & Affordable

Whether You're A Newby

or a seasoned photographer, sometimes you want to elevate your editing game, but don't know where to start. We get it & we're here for you. That's why we've created crash-courses on how we edit in different scenarios for different kinds of content. Simpler than a total crash course on Lightroom, but more comprehensive than slapping on a preset, these are the happy medium of learning how to edit like a pro in the bite-sized portions we couldn't seem to find anywhere else. 

Each crash-course contains a live edit from raw photo to finished product in Lightroom mobile where I talk through every editing decision I make while I make it. From there, we break things down even further, with a PDF that walks you through everything from the clarity to the white balance to the exposure to the selective edits we recommend to mimic this look in your own photos, and how to make it your own.

We talk about applying this edit to your business, areas where you'll need to customize it, and how to use other apps like Afterlight and Pixelmator to create an even more polished edit. All of these crash-courses are designed for the Lightroom Mobile app, meaning you can edit just like we do straight from your phone or tablet. 

What You'll Need:

The Lightroom App. Photos to Practice On. A Decent Chunk of Time. 

Hover Over The Photos Below To See Our Before & Afters. 

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The Wanderer

Traveling takes a ton of time and energy, so why not just give your images that far-away, surreal, whimsical feel without boarding a flight? This edit makes photos taken in that field by your house feel like they were shot a thousand miles away. Vibrant, clear, & bright, this is the edit I use most often for our travel photos.  

Timeless Special Occasion

Looking for an edit with old-world charm, subdued colors and a touch of masculinity? This is the edit for you. Photos taken days ago suddenly feel like images from days gone by. When it comes to immortalizing important milestones like weddings, graduations, and even my own rehearsal dinner, this is the edit I lean on. 

Snowed In

Can't wait for the next blizzard? Me neither. Shooting in the snow is unlike anything else. That's why snow shoots needed their own crash-course. The whitest of whites, the clearest of flakes, a touch of desaturation to make last week's storm give off the same vibe it would've if it had taken place twenty years ago, this edit it kills it when it comes to all things snow. 

Crisp & Colorful

Sometimes I want my photos to look so clean and textured that I instantly feel transported back to the moment they were shot. This edit does that. It creates striking details, eye-catching highlights, and colors that pull you in without being overpowering. This is a good one you guys, and I create better work because of it. 

The Foodie

Ready to step up your brunch photo game? We've got you covered. This editing crash course is designed to take novice food photographers & restaurant social media runners to the next level. This crash-course ensures that when you edit food, it looks as good as it tastes. 

Vintage Romance

Heavy grain, a dusty overlay, and subdued colors make photos in this edit feel like treasures stumbled upon in an old family album. I especially love how this makes printed images look like instant artifacts you'll show your grandchildren when you want to remind them that you were once really, really cool. For couples photos, especially, I sure do love this edit. 

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