experiencing palma de majorca with purohotel

Just last week we were in Palma de Mallorca (even though it already feels like a lifetime ago – so strange how traveling full time warps weeks into feeling like months). During our time there we were lucky enough to work with Puro Hotel, a consciously minded city-center hotel with that kind of relaxed beach-vibe that almost feels like it would be more suited to the shoreline of a quiet Caribbean island (I’m thinking Eleuthera). But having a hotel within an urban environment that felt oh-so-chill and beachy just brought our days in Palma to a level of relaxation we hadn’t experienced in a city ever during our past 2 months of travel. Add to that the fact that every corner of this place has that Instagram-interior-design-account worthiness and natural light that makes you feel like you’re living simultaneously indoors and out, and we were pretty much sold that we were in the best hotel in the city.


If we can get back to Palma within the next year, I’m going to do everything I can to make it happen. We LOVED this city, and I hate when girls put words in all capitals so to have done that shows how strongly I feel. We’re going to have a Majorca guide up this week but it’s taken a little bit longer than expected just because we want to make sure it’s as detailed as possible.


Back to Puro -it’s location could not have been more convenient. Within a city that’s already pretty small, it’s a 15 minute walk to anything you want to see or anywhere you want to go to eat or shop. It also maintains the simultaneous vibe of being a retreat from the busyness and a space to experience the authentic vibe of the city (most nights we sat at the rooftop bar, which overlooks the Palma skyline sipping amazing signature cocktails and feeling the humidity pass away into those cool fall night breezes). The interior design here has won more than a handful of awards, and the bathrooms in the rooms are especially noteworthy. Ours was done completely in black tile and was a  totally contrary aesthetic to the lightwood, minimalist bedroom, so stepping into it felt like you were stepping into a spa. I’m growing more and more a fan of all-black bathrooms; they just induce this sense of calm that, before this trip, I would’ve said was trumped by marbles and creams, but now I’m thinking black kind of takes the cake in inducing tranquility.


A few more perks of staying at Puro are that they have two amazing beach clubs a short drive away, which the hotel provides a shuttle to and from. The clubs have cabanas and restaurants for lunch, and are just a continuation of the vibe you feel within the hotel. We’d just as soon bring our mothers there as we would our friends (we actually felt this way about the hotel overall, which is kind of a rarity). Also Puro has electric vespas and bikes to rent if you want to do an outing to a different section of the island, and when you arrive they have consciously made bracelets ready for you to put on waiting for you on your bed (I loved this little touch). Obviously we’re partial having stayed at only one hotel in Palma, but it was so good that I don’t think we’ll risk staying at any others ever, during the course of times we plan on returning (I’m thinking atleast a dozen in the next 10 years or so, haha). We hope the pictures give you the sense of balance and calm this hotel instilled in us the days we spent there. You know a place is good when you’re in a hotel in Marrakech that has Arabian horses roaming the property and are flipping through your photos already wanting to go back.




Anna Lisa and Porter


*Thank you to Puro Hotel for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts & opinions remain our own.

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