sunset drive to cap de formentor, majorca


Majorca is an island with two sections completely at odds with one another. While the city of Palma feels a little bit like a Spanish Monaco, (minus a large dose of pretension) the Mallorcan countryside felt to me like a mix between Ireland and Tuscany. I’ve never seen so many bikers in my entire life, and the hills and valleys quickly give way to one crazy set of cliffs I’ve been keen on seeing since I first saw an Instagram from this spot two years ago.


Other than Santorini (which if you’ve read our post from didn’t quite live up to the hype for us) Cap de Formentor was the place I was most excited to see and to photograph as we travelled through Europe this fall. Unlike Santorini, Cap de Formentor was everything we wanted it to be and more. Our day spent getting there was as carefree and almost cinematic as sitting on the cliffside watching the sun go down was a few hours later. We rented a car (an electric one actually, which has quickly converted us into future electric car owners) and hit the road after lunch for what was supposed to be a two-hour or so drive but actually took about an hour longer because the roads are so windy, the cliffsides so sheer, that my terrified-of-heights husband had to blast music and drive incredibly slowly while I wasn’t allowed to talk to him for the last hour or so.


When you’re driving out there every mile or so there are stopping points with little miniature driveways that can hold two or three cars and usually a lookout point with little steps up to it. We stopped at a few of these but the real jewel with the best view is the lighthouse at the very very end. Well, not the lighthouse exactly, but if you park your car there and go down the road a little ways you’re free from all the tourists that hang out on the lighthouse balcony and get to enjoy the view right at the cliff’s edge. Porter and I didn’t plan ahead particularly well, so we got there about two hours before sunset (which is the time of day we typically love to shoot). We also felt like for a 6 or 7 hour trip a large bag of Lays chips was solid nutrients. If we went again, I would for sure pack a lunch. But when you’re seeing somewhere that you’ve really, truly wanted to see for a long time, things like being a little bit hungry and experiencing a little bit of vertigo (on Porter’s part) don’t seem to matter so much. In fact, I kind of like those situations where you get somewhere and you feel a little bit drained and worn down, it kind of makes the fact that you’re there seem like more of an accomplishment. Cap de Formentor is a long drive from pretty much any inhabited town in Mallorca, but it’s so worth seeing (even if just for the mountain goats that will walk right up to you to beg for food, or even to your car window and are totally unfazed by jumping up and down nearly vertical cliff sides).


Initially, I wanted this post to be more about just how great of a day we had during our road trip there, how the weather was perfect, and we were both that type of calm you typically only feel after a workout or a long run, and that Porter just happened to put together a really bomb playlist for the car ride and that the air was a mix of humid with that kind of cooler breeze that comes just when you need it, and that we happened to get a parking spot at all the little lookout spots we wanted to stop at, and that we only took photos for maybe all of 10 minutes, even though they turned out looking like photos we poured a lot of time into framing and lighting-wise… And that one of the best things about living the lifestyle we’re living right now is that on days like that on, you’re completely transported to the way you used to feel when you had a field trip in elementary or middle school and you’re just caught up enjoying the day with your friends and how great it feels to not be in the typical routine, and things like what’s going to be for diner later or how long its going to take you to get back just aren’t even in the corners of your mind because you’re just loving where you are and who you’re with.


So there, I said it. That wasn’t exactly a grammatically correct sentence but, in shorter terms, this trip has been so, so good for reminding Porter and I that we aren’t just married, but are really genuinely good friends. And on this day, especially, it felt like we weren’t business partners at all, but just going to a really cool place we’d talked about for a long time with our very best friend. Is that corny? Probably. But I don’t really mind.




Anna Lisa and Porter

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