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I think a small part of most people has a bias toward anything that feels like their home. Whether it’s a friend’s house or a city, a culture or an entire country, if something about a place taps into your personal definition of “homey-ness” you kind of instinctually like it before you can articulate just why. I think even if this hadn’t happened, Porter and I would’ve loved The Guesthouse (& Vienna overall) but something about this hotel (& this city) brought out all of those home-vibes we felt ourselves really sinking into here. It could possibly have to do with the weather (it was our first stop that actually felt like autumn) or the cleanliness (Boston is a pretty clean city, too) or, at the hotel, the labradors lying under the tables and the strong filter coffee and the french toast and the all-day breakfast and the active, young put-together people constantly cycling in and out throughout the day (like Tatte on Charles St. or The Buttery in The South End).


We slept well, here, like really really slept (the kind of sleep where you don’t even have dreams), and that’s usually a good indication of how comfortable we are somewhere, and how well it does the kinds of things that make us feel comfortable. Design, obviously, is something that can make a hotel quickly feel cold or warm, familiar or distant, but honestly, in the month and a half or so we’ve been doing this I feel like it almost always comes down to personal touches. Not the physical kind (that would be creepy) but small things a hotel does that let’s you know they aren’t just a space for you to enjoy, but are there to be the host, the way your best friend’s mum would be as a kid on any given sleepover. They don’t just want you to enjoy your time there, they want you to feel at home, to not feel let down or uncomfortable or like you have to stay on your toes, to be one of their own for a short time. The Guesthouse very much outdid every other hotel we’ve had the privilege of staying at these past six weeks or so in this department. So, in typical hotel-blog-post-form, I thought I’d share a quick list on just how they do it:


1.Personal Business Cards – When we arrived, we were handed formally printed business cards…with our names on them. They also have the hotel address and phone number and The Guesthouse gives them out in case you find yourself in a taxi without a mutual language to communicate in or anywhere in the city with a quick question the staff can help you with. Pretty cool, if you ask me.


2. A Local Staple – One of the greatest things about The Guesthouse is that it has a brasserie and bakery that’s a staple in the Vienna cafe scene. Guests and locals alike are constantly coming and going so you feel like just going down to get a coffee within your hotel you’re experiencing the culture of the city.


3. Dog Friendly – The hotel and brasserie are both dog friendly and it wouldn’t be uncommon to be sitting at breakfast and have a Labrador fast asleep beneath the table next to you (or begging for some food). We’re dog people so we instantly loved this place for that.


4. Four Free Bottles of Wine Daily – Yes, you read that right. The majority of the mini bar is free when you stay here, but they also give you two bottles or red and two bottles of white for free in your room and encourage you to bring them down to the brasserie to enjoy at dinner or lunch or whenever you want. I’m not sure how this ends up being cost efficient but (obviously) we thought that was awesome.


5. All-Day Breakfast – We had brunch for dinner one night in our room, but even downstairs at the brasserie you can order breakfast food up until closing (11 pm). French toast only gets better after 4 o’clock.


6. Folding City Maps – This is a small detail, but they have the cutest customized city maps that fold into pocket-sized squares so you can figure out where you are on the go. If you get lost constantly, even using Google Maps (guilty) they’ll very much come in handy.


We hope you enjoy the pics and get the chance to stop in here if you’re ever in Vienna. I know I already said it, but: That. Breakfast. It really was that good.




Anna Lisa & Porter


*Thank you to The Guesthouse Vienna for sponsoring this post, as always, all thoughts & opinions remain our own.

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