week three in greece: crete


I have to be honest, the day we flew to Crete we were kind of hoping we were heading elsewhere. We’d been in Greece for about three weeks and were finally experiencing the first twitches of wanting to be in a new country & culture, somewhere less familiar and a little bit more urban. We both were completely surprised when six days later we found ourselves really wishing we had a few more days on that southern-most Cycladic island.


Crete is just a little bit north of Africa, so it pretty quickly felt different from every other Greek pit stop we’d made. It is HOT, like wanting to sit in the shade at 8 am hot, and culturally it feels more like a balance between there being a lot to do and still taking it slow, which turned out to be the atmosphere Porter and I both really were missing.


The entire week we were there we didn’t leave the hotel’s grounds once, which (I know I know) means we didn’t get to experience a ton of the beautiful beaches or little seaside towns and villages but we just followed our gut each day and inevitably every morning felt so content to just explore within the confines of the grounds we were already on (and the grounds were big).


We were lucky enough to have our own little villa at St. Nicolas Bay for the week complete with a pool and a breakfast table and lounge chairs. Every little villa also had its very own swimming ladder and platform along the coast and the ocean was a solid 80 degrees the entire time we were there (also, so so salty! We were covered in salt most of the week!)


I’m going to do a more in-depth post about our stay tomorrow, so this one is just a bit of a glazing over of things, but Crete was honestly the perfect end to our time in a pretty perfect country. There were weeks-old kittens that wandered up to our villa every day just to say “hi,” we got to attend an authentic Greek barbecue and see traditional dances performed (the entire time during which I was holding back tears of laughter because Porter kept whispering “when do you think they’re going to release the Minotour? Do you think they’ll give us a head start?” etc. etc.), and we got to swim in the ocean a lot of every single day, which, if you know us, is hard to top.


We just woke up in Vienna and are already totally taken aback by how this city over-delivers on every expectation. The cleanliness (incredible), the architecture (as beautiful as Paris), the people (so put-together and attentive and kind), and the coffee (as strong and bold as it’s known to be). I’m about to see if I can get away with reading quietly in the breakfast room for an hour before Porter wakes up, then we’re off on another day of exploring. Today’s agenda: Schoenbrunn Palace. Wish me luck.




Anna Lisa


*Thank you to St. Nicolas Bay for sponsoring this post , as always, all thoughts and opinions remain our own

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  1. I love that yellow dress you’re wearing, it’s adorable.

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