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Last week, Porter and I had the chance to spend some time at Mykonos Grand, and the whole time we were there, we kept repeating that line from Gatsby about large parties actually being more intimate than small ones. While we’ve been traveling, we’ve been collaborating solely with boutique hotels. Most of the hotels we work with have thirty rooms or less. We love this atmosphere, the attention to detail, the close-knit feel of the staff at each one, and the unique identity each smaller hotel seems to carve out for itself. Sometimes, though, it feels nice to be in a more resort-esque size place, and this week was one of those times for us. It just felt so good to have that anonymity larger hotels give to guests, and to get the chance to feel a bit more like any other vacation-goer. Here are five things we loved about this place:


1. The Squash Courts – I have to start here because this was just SO cool. Mykonos Grand has its very own set of dark wood squash courts inside, and Porter and I would start every morning with about a dozen games of squash. I am really awful, (not being humble here, like truly, truly terrible) but it still was so much fun. We didn’t take the game too seriously, but it was great getting into a little routine of starting our days out that way. We play tennis together in the summer a lot, and it reminded us a little bit of all of our tennis-mornings memories, and it just put us both in a great mood all week.


2. The Poolside / Beachside Lounge Chairs – These chairs were so. crazy.comfortable. I almost fell asleep in them multiple times and we had our own pair on our porch outside of our room and hung out there to watch the sunset every night. They were heavenly.


3. The Decor- I know, I know this is always something I point out, but we happen to work with mostly design-oriented hotels, so I never feel like I’ve properly pointed out a hotel’s strongpoints if I glaze over this element. The white details, and the design of each chair especially (check out the bar chairs from our phtoos) were extremely thoughtful and eye-catching. Three cheers for those chairs.


4. Semi-Private Swimming Pools – Lots of hotels these days have top-dollar rooms with private swimming pools, but what I loved about Mykonos Grand was that nearly most of the rooms at this hotel have access to semi-private or private swimming pools. For a large resort, that’s saying something. They have this awesome method of having four rooms lined up in a row have a single, one-lane swimming pool run along each of their decks with a private little climbing ladder per room. I really liked that idea and was surprised I’d never seen a hotel do that before, it’s kind of genius.


5. Nightly Surprises – Every night at Mykonos Grand the staff have a different item, whether it’s local honey or a locally-made mug or what have you that they bring for each guest during turn down. I thought this was an incredibly smart touch.


Hope you enjoy the pics!




Anna Lisa & Porter



*Thank you to Mykonos Grand for sponsoring this post, as always, all thoughts & opinions remain our own

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  1. Courtney says:

    It sounds so fun there! There’s definitely a lot to do.

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