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There are five star hotels, and then there are six star hotels. I know what you’re thinking, there’s no such thing as a six star. Unfortunately for you, (and fortunately for me, because I write this blog) I get to tell you that you’re wrong. There are. These are the hotels that not only meet the requirements of a five star, but blow each one out of the water. If five stars were honor students, they’d be the valedictorian; if five stars were i-Phone six pluses, then they’d be the i-Phone X; if five stars were major league football quarterbacks, they’d be Tom Brady. You get the point. There’s meets-the-requirements-necessary amazing, and then there’s sets-a-new-standard-of-greatness amazing. Bill & Coo falls in the latter category. Porter said this whole blog post should just be a single sentence: there are no words. Good idea, Port, but also kind of a terrible one because no one reading that would walk away with any sense of this place. So, I’m going to give describing this place in six bullet points a shot, I’ll no doubt fall short, but I’m going to give it a go anyway.


1. Breakfast – I think I always start here because it’s how the day starts. Their breakfast menu is absolutely incredible and has such a great mix of local flavors and delicacies and more run-of-the-mill items (pancakes, french toast, etc.). Greek food never fails to impress me. The ingredients themselves are far from creative, but the way they use such simple things to create endlessly creative and delicious dishes is so impressive. Breakfast, as I’m sure you can tell from the photos, was nothing short of heavenly.


2. Arrival – There’s nothing better than showing up at a beautiful hotel and feeling like they care that you’ve arrived. At Bill & Coo each guest is led out to a comfortable sofa in the pool area and served the local delicacy of a piece of saltwater taffy on a spoon in a glass of ice water. I know that sounds kind of bizarre but it infuses the water with a licorice taste and is so refreshing.


3. The Spa – Bill & Coo takes a completely different take on a spa than I’d ever seen before. Rather than running a spa facility they have two spa suites that can be rented out by guests. Each spa suite is completely private with its own jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, and treatment area. I love the idea of this because it makes the spa experiences all the more private and relaxing. It’s all done in dark marble so you have the feeling of being in an underground luxury cave. If I could spend every rainy day there I would.


4. The Rooms – Bill & Coo does such an incredible job of mixing minimalist accents with really organic physical spaces. Our room was half-built into a cave wall and every accent piece was done in the kind of ligthwash wood that reminds you simultaneously of driftwood and Cereal Magazine. Each piece of furniture and design element is so intentional, down to the black slippers they leave at the foot of your bed every evening (such a small thing, but I loved that they quietly broke the white slippers mold). I think I mentioned before that I have a notes folder on my phone where I’ve been writing down any sort of designy things I see and love for a future house or apartment or something someday, and I loved everything about these rooms and wrote about a dozen things down. The bathroom sinks and the exposed beams on the ceiling were especially notable.


5. The Tablet & Phone & Speaker System – Okay, Porter got crazy excited about this one. Every room is completely equipped with a Sonos speaker system AND you get a tablet and mobile phone at check-in. The phone is pre-programmed to work everywhere on the island, and at a moment’s notice you can call reception and arrange pick up or ask a question as simple as where you should go to lunch if you’re in x area or what the best beach within a ten minute walk from you might be. The attentiveness of the staff is crazy, and it really sets the tone that the hotel you’re staying at shouldn’t restrict your experience of a place to its own grounds but really should color your entire experience no matter where you are. Bill & Coo did an overwhelmingly excellent job at this. No matter where we were we felt like they were truly invested in us having the best Mykonos experience possible…which leads me to number six.


6. The Seemingly Unnecessary But Defining Six Star Hotel Attributes – I know that title was a long one, but hear me out. In order for a five star hotel to bump itself up to a six star there needs to be a handful of minor details that truly blow you away. Here are a few from Bill & Coo:


#1: The Beach Map – every evening the hotel leaves a map of the island on your bedside table and circles which beach or area of town they think will be best to visit the next day based on weather conditions, day of the week, parties going on, etc. See what I mean about wanting to make sure you have a great vacation experience not just at the hotel, but overall?


#2: The Private Car – Mykonos has only a total of 42 taxis on the island so finding one can be a bit of a hassle at times, especially in high season. Bill & Coo does away with this issue completely by moving guests from place to place in their private hotel car.


#3: The Bedside Lemon Cake – Instead of putting chocolates on your pillow, every night we’d come back from town to a small pastry box on each of our pillows usually with a miniature piece of the most heavenly lemon cake of all time waiting inside. I love citrus desserts (more so than chocolate) so this touch really wed me to the idea that this was a six star experience.


Mykonos, right now at least, is our number one favorite place to go on vacation. It has everything: amazing food, beaches, pools, perfect weather, a visually stunning town to explore, hiking and four-wheeling and people who seem so genuinely happy all day everyday, the kind of photographic scenes that seem too good to be true and pop up just about everywhere. We love it here, and, if I had it my way, every year we’d end up back here for at least two weeks at Bill & Coo, eating their unbelievable feta breakfast scrambled eggs and following every work out with a plunge in their individual recuperative ice pools. A girl can dream.




Anna Lisa & Porter


*Thank you to Bill & Coo Hotel for sponsoring this post, as always, all thoughts and opinions remain our own.

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