beach days in camaiore, italy 


What I’m Wearing: Cantik Byron Camo Print One Piece, Cantik Byron Camel One Piece, Will & Bear Hats


What Porter’s Wearing: Hartford Linen Swimsuit


This post is going to be short and sweet because I’m trying to get better at that kind of post and I’m also trying to make the abnormally long passport control line at the airport go by more quickly (it’s 8:00 am and we’re currently on our way to Dubrovnik from Rome).


Here are some photos from the two days we spent at the Il Cavallone beach club on the coast of Tuscany right outside the town of Pietrasanta (a postcard perfect, pedestrian only village with chic restaurants and stores we’ve vowed to come back to). A lot of the next three months we’re going to be spending on the beach, mostly in Greece, Morocco, and Spain. It felt so good and “vacationy” to finally have our first beach days. Having those three hour windows to just hang out, swim a little (Porter), read a little (me) and fly our drone (which I’m not going to lie gets more fun every single time) just felt like it was a great energy reboost for the both of us. The thrill has yet to fade with the drone. It’s just so interesting having photographed for years now to suddenly have the opportunity to shoot things aerially. It’s refreshing in a way and the technology is a conversation starter and Porter somehow got crazy good at it really quickly (I think the credit goes to FIFA).


So all in all just some photos from a couple of simple, lazy, perfect days, which is how beach days should be, right? It wasn’t super sunny either day we went, and started raining about three hours after we arrived both times, but from there we would head to the 85 degree heated hotel pool (more on that in our hotel post…) and all was well. Even a meh-weather beach day is better than no beach day at all.


We’re flying to Dubrovnik within the hour and we’re both looking forward to a change of pace, new language, new country, new culture. This one has been on both our bucket lists for way too long.


Hope you enjoy the pics!




Anna Lisa & Porter


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    It looks gorgeous there. I love how pretty it looks there.

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