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What I’m Wearing: TwoThirds Sibu Terracota Knit

What Porter’s Wearing: TwoThirds Burano Knit (just realized its called this and we happened to photograph it in Burano, unintentional but happy coincidence!), TwoThirds Malabar Terracota T

Before we left home, you might remember us publishing a post about wanting to highlight different ethical brands as we travelled. Porter and I have a suitcase each to our names right now, and each of them are filled (almost, but not quite to the brim) with an entirely ethical and eco-conscious wardrobe. The brands we brought along are just a small handful of the ethical options out there, but they’re brands we’re especially passionate about, ones that out-design their unethical competitors and are backed by the kind of people who don’t just say they care, but act like it. As we go, we’re going to be shooting and sharing a small handful of these brands in the hopes that when you find yourself in need of a this or a that, you might go the ethical route, or at least start to pause and wonder where your clothing came from.


When we were in Burano last week, Porter and I woke up to have breakfast by the canal and realized we were both wearing our TwoThirds sweaters. Because of convenience or fate we decided it was as good a time as any to dip our toes into this “brand-focused” element of the blog. Our hope is that those of you who choose to keep up with the brands we love will walk away engaged and encouraged by the stories behind the brands we collaborate with. It’s not our hope for our readers to feel pressured to purchase, just to build or build on a catalogue of brands that no one ever needs to feel guilt over purchasing from and who, in most cases, improve our world in small, but meaningful ways.


TwoThirds is a brand based out of Barcelona with a surf culture vibe and a focus on ocean preservation. They aim to produce clothing with as little environmental impact as possible, and source their materials from ethically-driven suppliers in Italy and Portugal. When we first came across them, Porter and I loved two things the most – their name and their knits. For us, especially, it’s been really important to have versatile clothing as we travel, and I feel like a casual sweater for guys – one that can be worn both at the beach or out to dinner is kind of a massive gap in men’s apparel. Having something that can be worn in only one setting just feels like a waste of space when you’re living out of one piece of luggage, so we’ve both been grateful that we feel like these knits are setting appropriate from travel days to beach days to dinners out. I actually wore Porter’s on the flight over, he hasn’t gotten annoyed (yet) by how often I wear his Tshirts, but he’s assured me it’s only a matter of time.


Another thing we love about this brand is all the geometric accents. Porter and I both really love modern design, but not too-modern, and because of that the little modern accents suit us perfectly (I especially love the pocket T Port’s wearing in the photos above with the circle printed on the pocket). The men’s swimsuits are also great – super comfy and easy to wash.


The TwoThirds name comes from the reality that two thirds of our earth’s surface is covered in water, and every time I say the name I find myself imagining their pie chart logo and trying to fully swallow what exactly that means. I lived on a boat for a semester during college, and had the unfortunate opportunity of witnessing firsthand a small handful of the devastating effects the modern world is having on the ocean, from coral bleaching to pollution to oil spills. It wasn’t pretty, and more often than not it was discouraging instead of encouraging, but companies like TwoThirds and their quest to be a part of those intent on finding solutions to problems that have been lifetimes in the making remind me that it’s small acts by regular people that cause real change. Little decisions, ones you don’t even think to think harder about, can ripple out for the greater good of everyone, your self included. TwoThirds gets that, and they project it in a way that isn’t preachy or holier than thou, but simple and uplifting and straightforward. They make good clothes, they help the planet. Simple as that.


Here are some other TwoThirds items we’ve been eyeing: the women’s Agpat Knit & Rusa Knit, and the men’s Hathifushi T-Shirt & Navy Malabar T-shirt .





Anna Lisa & Porter



*Thank you to TwoThirds for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions remain our own


  1. Courtney says:

    I love those shirts, they are so cute. And I love the pattern of both of those.

  2. Victoria says:

    What a cool brand! And you’re so right about them making such versatile pieces! Looking forward to getting to know more ethical brands. I’d love my wardrobe to consist of only ethical pieces someday soon!

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