first light in rome


What I’m Wearing: Reformation Jumpsuit, Vere Verto Miro Crossbody, Isle & Arlo Sandals, Carla Colour Sunglasses


What Porter’s Wearing: TwoThirds T-Shirt, Scotch & Soda Jean Shorts, Nisolo Sneakers


It’s our third day in Italy, our third day since setting out for our first few months of travel in Europe. I expected these first days to be a bit of a blur, equal parts jetlag and excitement and emotion, but instead it’s felt like Porter and I both had a quiet undercurrent of adrenalin building up all summer long, waiting to override any and everything else as soon as our flight landed in Rome.
We’ve stayed out wandering the city late every night and woken up before dawn every morning. We walked more of Rome the afternoon we landed than we did in the entire week we spent here the summer we were eighteen. We’ve excused ourselves from being gluten-free for the week and have lapsed into existing in bursts of shooting and exploring, then finding quiet corners of the city to eat a meal or gelato or have coffee and talk (but mostly recharge) in. That’s been the pace of every day five or six times over.


I asked Porter if he was tired on the train today (we’ve just arrived to Lake Garda) and he said it’s more of an upbeat exhaustion, which I agree with completely, like the way you feel at summer camp when you love whatever activity you’re in and can’t wait to get to the next one and are already anticipating tomorrow, but also know you’re going to sleep so well whenever the time comes.


So, here are our very first “trip travel photos” (which is what Port and I have been referring to them as ever since we started planning this trip back in January). They were shot on our new Canon 5D Mark IV, which we’re going to do a blog post review of (along with the Sigma lens we brought) in the next few weeks because we get a whole lot of camera-related questions and this gear is honestly so so incredible.


We took these photos our very first full day in Rome on a Saturday morning about two hours before breakfast opened at our hotel. The streets were completely empty (like most weekend mornings in Europe) which, as a person who really enjoys reserving those first few hours of the day for tea & quiet, I could really get used to. We love this city and seeing its past on every corner and its language and the pride people have here that, instead of being off-putting, pulls you in and makes you love it even more. Porter and I are both half-Italian and I think a mix of that and the pace here makes us sort of sink in. I’ve been to Paris eleven times but every time I visit I feel as much a tourist as I did the first, but something about Rome has always felt overwhelmingly familiar, a little bit like home. Because we’re heading to so many places these next few months that I’ve never been to, I’ve been really grateful we started here.


We’ll be sharing more photos and shorter posts from Rome over the next few days. If I can get Porter to leave his drone for a solid hour, he might even write a few.




Anna Lisa & Porter

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