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If you follow along with us on Instagram, you know that Porter and I got married this weekend, a reality that we’re still settling into and to be honest, one that doesn’t quite feel real just yet. We’ve been more than a little bit MIA from blogging this summer as we’ve gone from dating to engaged to married over the course of just a handful of weeks. That’s all about to change. Exactly two weeks from today, we leave to travel through Europe for the fall, a fast-approaching departure marked by the once-thick, now-thin, stack of countdown sticky-notes on our kitchen counter. Life is moving quickly, and I’m happy to say I think we’re both taking the time to take it all in.


Without going into too much detail (which I’m saving for a post I’ll do when we receive our wedding photos shortly!) our wedding exceeded every expectation. The details were exactly as we had imagined them, and the ethical focus that’s close to our hearts was reflected and maintained across all of those vitally important little decisions. It was seamless and beautiful, as I’m sure a bride & groom’s own wedding very often feels, more so than that, though, it was emotional. I don’t mean that in the sense that everyone was in tears at one point or another (although, there were a whole lot of tears) but that, as Porter put it so well, the whole night felt very “raw” like you were in the presence of a big group of people who were exactly where they wanted to be and who all, upon arriving, instantly clicked into the most genuine versions of themselves, creating an atmosphere that was so joyful and so authentic that even before sitting down to dinner every guest felt interconnected. I promise I’m not overstating it. It really felt just like that.


For us, though, that feeling was just the beginning. You know how when you’re in an old barn or open a closet that’s remained un-opened for a little too long, and the dust kind of hangs in a slant of light that you find yourself pausing to look through? For Porter and I, our whole wedding kind of felt just like that, like we were watching every moment happen through a kind of ethereal film that allowed us to be in the moment and observing it at the same time. That might sound a little bit drum-circle, daisy-chain esque, but it really wasn’t, it was just surreal and moving and, without a doubt, the best night of both of our lives to date.


Okay, I said I wouldn’t go into wedding details, so I’m stopping there before I get ahead of myself. The past few days, Porter and I have been staying at the XV Beacon Hotel in Boston, home to one of our very favorite restaurants, Mooo…., and to some truly incredible maple syrup (waffles, pancakes, or french toast, it does not matter, they’ll all taste incredible with it!). This short “staycation” has been exactly what we both wanted, and the decor of the hotel suits the sort of post-wedding vibe we were both feeling to a T.


The rooms here are incredibly spacious for Boston hotels, and have the kind of dark wood accents that leave you feeling like it’s fall or winter as soon as you’re inside, something we’ve been loving as we recover from a very hectic few weeks. The service is as impeccable as you would expect from a hotel that continuously tops out on top of the Best of Boston charts, and the boutique atmosphere is warm and classy, never stale and never stuffy.


Here are 5 things we’ve loved about our stay at XV Beacon:


1. The aforementioned maple syrup that comes in a glass bottle with one of those red wax seals. Best. Ever.


2. The gas fireplaces at the foot of the beds, which made the room feel so cozy and had me wondering if it’s worth installing a fireplace under our TV at home purely for the atmosphere it adds when we’re watching Thrones. (Although, Sunday’s episode felt kind of like a filler, am I right?)…


3. Porter’s favorite restaurant, Mooo…., which, although expensive, is without a doubt the best spot for a special occasion dinner in this city. The sommelier there actually introduced us to our now favorite red wine (Honig) and I’ve never ordered anything there that wasn’t the best of that thing I’d ever had.


4. The cashmere throws and just general high-end coziness and square footage of their rooms. They’re luxurious but not so luxurious that you feel uncomfortable, and they have a kind of modern and old school balance in accents that makes the rooms feel familiar but refreshing.


5. The wrought-iron elevators, the kind that you can see through as you go from floor to floor and that make you feel like an elevator attendant was once seated comfortably by all of the buttons.


Thank you for following along and for bearing with us as we let this platform take a backseat over the course of this summer! In the fall, we’ll be posting on here anywhere from 4-6 times a week, sharing hotels and adventures and ethical brands we’re so incredibly passionate about.  We will definitely be making up for our absence! We’re grateful to everyone who engages with this platform & helps maintain the little community we’ve created here. Thanks for sticking around!




Anna Lisa & Porter


*Thank you to XV Beacon for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts & opinions remain our own.


  1. Loretta Stokes says:

    Congratulations Anna & Porter!!! I heard that your wedding was SO special and I can’t wait to read all about it. All the best to both of you.
    xo, Loretta

  2. Liliana says:

    Truly obsessed with both of you. That is all. Love always.

  3. Beth White says:

    You just keep on posting, and I’ll keep on reading! Love, love, love seeing all your photos and reading about your adventures (vicarious lifestyle for me!!) I can’t wait to see the wedding photos – heard JoJo’s toast was perfection.

  4. Christine Leahy says:

    Here’s to the newlyweds! Looks like XV Beacon was the perfect post-wedding stay. Wish we had more time with you both but are already looking forward to our next visit. Much love and safe travels. Xo

  5. There’s definately a lot to learn about this subject.

    I really like all the points you’ve made.

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