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We’ve been staying at the Arlo Nomad this weekend and it has been beyond amazing. This trip to NYC was super last minute and filled to the brim with appointments, meet ups with friends, power walks to Central Park, and frequent stops at Joe & The Juice (Boston, why don’t we have one of these yet?), and we’re going to be sharing some posts of things we did while there throughout the week.


It’s so funny to look back at the beginning half of Porter and I’s relationship because we operated at a speed that was just about the opposite of our lifestyle now. Most of our summertime together was spent laying on the beach and watching movies. Something out of the ordinary for us would be going to a different beach (that was about the extent of our spontaneity and willingness to try new things). We were young and very content, but I speak for both of us when I say we’re grateful we’re not that way anymore. Now, life is hectic and full-blast and some days we go to bed and the morning of that same day feels like two weeks ago, but we’re growing to accept this as our new normal, and we’re even growing to prefer it to any other day-to-day approach. We don’t even remember what being bored feels like anymore, and I’m counting that as one of the biggest blessings of this year so far. But back to the Arlo


We’re not very NYC savvy, but we loved staying in Nomad more than we’ve loved any other section of New York we’ve stayed in in the past. It was easy to navigate, had lots of clean vegan-friendly cafes close by, and we were able to walk to a lot of the places we needed to get to this weekend, which is always our preference in any city. Porter walks to work every day, and we just generally don’t love riding the T or metro, especially when it’s beautiful out, so this was a big plus for us. (I think we walked about eight miles each day we were there, according to Porter’s iPhone!).


We were expecting the Arlo to be hip and modern, but we weren’t expecting the level of design detail to be at the height it was. The hotel has multiple restaurants, a rooftop bar, a bodega that’s open 24/7, and these gorgeous reading rooms that are modern with southwestern accents and just tremendously our style. It was minimalist, trendy without sacrificing class, and detailed without be over-stimulating. Chances we’re going to stay there again are a solid 100%.


Here are 5 reasons why:


1. You can play tic-tac-toe while you wait for the elevator on these minimalist wooden boards with sliding pieces that are installed on the walls of the elevator area on each and every floor.


2. The views from every room are absolutely amazing. We had a corner room with floor to ceiling windows and even though looking down made us a little dizzy, lifting the shades every morning felt like something out of a music video. Our first night, we just sat on the bed, stared out the windows, and pointed out different things to each other for a solid hour. I really wish I was better at knowing which buildings are which in any given city. We both are pretty useless at that, but it was still so fun.


3. The previously mentioned reading rooms / library area. Having tea in there and uploading photos and footage from the day before started our mornings off on the right foot. There’s so much natural light and a zen vibe that I’ve found pretty infrequently in New York.


4. The smell. As soon as we walked through the front door, Porter said “it smells like Le Labo.” We later found out they use Santal products in the lobby, which just so happens to be the scent used at one of our favorite hotels in the whole world. We felt at home immediately.


5. The rooftop bar. It was a full moon this weekend, so going up to the bar and getting to look out at the city was especially picturesque. Porter and I don’t go out a whole lot anymore, but we always love to find beautiful spots to have a drink and just catch up on life together. The bar offers 360 degree city views, and a small portion has a glass floor, which Port was too afraid to go out onto (he doesn’t do heights) but was really cool to get to step onto and stare down, even if it was a tiny bit scary.


Hope you enjoyed the pics, we’ll be sharing more from our NYC trip and a bit more about post-engagement life this week.



Anna Lisa & Port


*Thank you to the Arlo Nomad for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts & opinions remain our own.

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