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I’ve been dreading writing this knowing that once it was written our Greece trip would officially be over, we’d be on our way back home already, and the week spent in Mykonos would come to a close. I hate when vacations end (like most people), but so much so that I spent a lot of my formative years convincing my dad on day four of whatever trip we got to go on that ten days really made a lot more sense than seven, and wouldn’t he be so upset to miss out on x, y, or z, and wasn’t he having a great time and not quite ready to go back to the freezing cold just yet. Sometimes, this actually worked, but most of the time, I left whatever place we were in dragging my feet, moping (I struggled in the gratitude department). It didn’t come from a spoiled place, I just loved hot weather, being outside, and the ocean, and on this trip I realized just how grateful I am that those happen to be Porter’s top vacation criteria, too.


There are ocean people and then there are ocean people. Most people  love to swim and be in the water on hot days, but a smaller proportion of us love it so much that they spend the majority of each vacation day off-land, swimming, standing waist deep reading a book, jumping from a pier, diving for random shells, and sitting at the shoreline arguing about third grade Greek mythology facts, whether it’s impossible to definitively say Beyonce is that greater singer of all time because that’s an opinion, or exactly how many sandals have been ripped through in the past ten years from Porter “accidentally” stepping on my heel (it’s five Porter, not three). Okay, maybe not those last ones so much, but you get the point. Port and I both love the ocean, so we knew even before we got to Kivotos, our hotel while in Mykonos, that this trip was going to be a good one. Add to that our engagement, and we were pretty certain it was going to be our best vacation yet. We were right.


Mykonos is a pretty small island, but there are handfuls of hotels to choose from in all sorts of different styles. We really wanted this trip to feel quintessentially Greek because I had never been before and the classic all-white, stucco look really matches the kind of tones & aesthetics we love to photograph and find genuinely beautiful. Kivotos delivered big time. Not only does the hotel feel exactly as the thirteen year old Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants version of yourself would want it to, it has the smallest details that make it feel even more authentic than we initially thought it would. We would recommend this hotel to absolutely anyone venturing over to the Greek islands, and have probably both said “I miss Kivotos” four or five times already since getting home. Here are eight reasons why:


1. The plants. All over the property are the most gorgeous cacti and spiky palms and aloe plants, all with really interesting striping and textures and all different sizes, that, juxtaposed with all the white, is so beautiful and unique. Being there made me realize how weak my plant vocabulary is. I’m working on it.


2. The church. There’s a small all white church at Kivotos with a little purple door that’s perfectly Cycladic, and I loved that every time we went down to the beach we walked by and could peer inside, and it was so ornate. We found this a lot downtown, too. Churches that look so unassuming from the outside would be literally adorned in gold details and intricate oil paintings and dark wood when you peered in. The contrast was crazy.


3. The breakfast porch. You can sit outside or inside for breakfast, and the buffet is incredible, (the orange juice is particularly delicious, too) but what Porter and I liked the most was that, if you sat outside, you got a sweeping view of the Aegean and the roofs of all the hotel rooms and bungalows. For whatever reason, a lot of Mykonos rooftops are covered in loose white stones. We thought maybe to keep them cooler? Anyway, it was really pretty and a cool perspective.


4. Beachside service. The restaurant is set up a ways from Kivotos’ private beach, but even so, staff members would come down at least every hour and a half or so to check in with us, see if we needed anything, and bring us a complimentary shot of some kind of amazing fresh fruit, semifreddo cocktail. We did not complain.


5. The porch in our room. They gave us a room with a big porch overlooking the ocean, but the best part was that if you ordered room service and ate out there (which we did on our first night) the food came straight from their restaurant, plated beautifully, and it felt like you had paid for a private dinner, rather than opting to eat dinner in the room so you could watch the newest Silicon Valley before falling asleep.


6. The music. I have this thing where I don’t like to go on dates to restaurants that have really awesome background music because Porter finds it impossible to refrain from Shazamming any song he loves, and also literally cannot concentrate on a conversation when he’s hearing a song or mix for the first time that he loves. I don’t mind the fact that he has great music and is always finding things for me to run to or us to listen to while we work, but it can be kind of annoying when he doesn’t respond for a good thirty seconds if I ask him a question. Anyway, Kivotos had the most incredible music. During the day they played acoustic covers of all these pop songs, like Blank Space, and Porter and I loved it. Then, at night, they would remix older Motown songs with more recent stuff and it was all incredible.


7. The bathroom doors in our room were glass, and the cleaning staff must be incredibly diligent about cleaning them because a handful of times Porter forgot the door was there and would walk straight into it. I shouldn’t have laughed, but I did. More than once.


8. The location. We were a lot closer to Chora than we initially thought. It was all of a five minute taxi or ATV ride in and that made going out to dinner and exploring so easy.


Hope you enjoy the pics, some of these are my favourite hotel shots we’ve ever taken.



Anna Lisa & Porter


* Thank you to Kivotos Mykonos for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions remain our own.

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