day 1 in mykonos: downtown in chora

What I’m Wearing:  Reformation Trace Jumpsuit, Artemis Design Co. Raffia Loafers

What Porter’s Wearing: Scotch & Soda Ralston Shorts, Wings + Horns Tank, Veja Sneakers

Our first morning in Mykonos we woke up at seven so that we could get into town super early. We thought this was the best possible plan because we’d both read online that the streets could get swamped really quickly, and for the sake of photos and getting to experience a place for the first time that we’ve been highly anticipating, we prefer it to be as crowd-less as possible. We also were under the impression that the most quintessentially “Mykonos” town, Chora, was relatively small. Honestly, because it seems like on Instagram all the bloggers who go there shoot the exact same street. Both our assumptions that morning were wrong, making for what was possibly one of the top five best mornings. Ever.


Because we’re here at the end of May, the season has barely begun. On top of that, Mykonos is a lot more laid back than either of us were expecting, so whenever we go into town before 10 am the cabbies ask us, “Why are you up so early? Why aren’t you sleeping?” Not that surprising given its reputation as a party hotspot, (even though our experience of this little island has directly countered that rep in just about every way imaginable, but more on that in our travel guide).


Basically, the short version is that we shouldn’t have worried, Chora wasn’t crowded at all, and there wasn’t just a couple or even a handful of picture perfect blue and white streets, there were dozens on dozens, creating a maze we more-or-less had all to ourselves to get lost in and find strong local coffee in, and take one million and one photos in, all while watching locals slowly emerge to touch up their house’s white paint and mop their little section of street.


The only other morning that first morning in Mykonos strongly resembles for me is the first time I went to Venice. Just like with Greece, with Venice you know what to expect, you’ve seen a million photos and watched movies set there and you just think you know, you think you get it, but you get there and realize it’s infinitely more awesome (in the awe-some sense of that word) than you would’ve ever been capable of imagining. And on top of it, there’s just a feeling about the place impossible to transcribe into words or get across in photos. I hate the word “magical,” so it’s probably better to say that being there that first morning reminded me of being little and reading a fiction or fantasy book at that exact moment you become fully absorbed and lose all sense of yourself. Mykonos, especially early in the morning when it’s ultra quiet and was just Porter and I, felt exactly like that.


I know I included an excessive amount of photos in this post, but I really struggled cutting them down. We have lots more photos to share and are going to put together an in-depth travel guide on what we’ve learned during our time here. Fortunately, we’re coming back to Mykonos during the Fall, so the idea of leaving doesn’t feel like as much of a downer.


To sum up, if you get the chance to go here, go. Don’t over think it, or be turned off by its constant-party reputation or swayed by lots of other options. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of a place. As soon as you get here, you won’t regret it.



Anna Lisa & Porter

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  1. Christine Leahy says:

    I’m ready to pack my bags! These photos are breathtaking.

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