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Porter now claims that he proposed at The Rosewood London to ensure that it would be my favorite hotel, too, but to be honest, even if he hadn’t proposed, it already would have been. From pulling into the courtyard with all the vintage cars inside to the monochromatic mosaic tiles at the entryway, to the hotel golden retriever, Pearl, it was honestly the best, start to finish. Michael Scott once said in a letter of recommendation for Dwight, “The dictionary defines superlative as: of the highest kind, quality, or order, surpassing all else or others. Supreme. I define it as Dwight Schrute.” This is how we feel about The Rosewood.


Typically here’s when I’d work in 10 things that I really love about a hotel, but that typical ten seems too short, so here’s a quick 15:


1. They upgraded us to the most incredible corner suite for absolutely no reason. (they didn’t even know we were getting engaged!).
2. The first morning I ordered mint tea to the room. It was amazing and when I went to check the brand I realized the pot was just filled with handfuls of just-plucked organic mint leaves. Yum.
3. When we came in from our first day, whoever cleaned our room realized we had photography equipment and left us Rosewood lens cloths right next to each of our cameras. (I mean, come on, who does that ?!).
4. Previously mentioned hotel dog, Pearl. Every hotel should have a dog to greet the guests.
5. We may or may not have popped an exceedingly expensive bottle of champagne after Porter proposed. The hotel realized we’d just got engaged and refused to charge us for it.
6. On every platform of the grand marble staircase theres an antique bird cage with the most beautiful colorful finches (we think). When you walk the halls you can hear birdsong every few minutes, it’s amazing.
7. The key cards are square. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but it was cool and unique and Porter loved it.
8. The bedroom doors are very heavy so you never have to worry about noise carrying over from other rooms.
9. They had a chocolate sculpture of a globe and complimentary chocolates sent to our room (they knew about our upcoming trip).
10. The marble floors in the bathroom are heated
11. The bathtub faces a mirror that doubles as an invisible television (Porter sat in the tub with his clothes on just to use it).
12. The staff are all so incredibly warm and friendly and helpful. We didn’t come across a single face that wasn’t smiling.
13. At night the front of the hotel and the courtyard are all torchlit.
14. It’s centrally located enough that it’s convenient to everything, but not so much that it’s incredibly busy the minute you step outside.
15. The first morning we got there we were exhausted so we decided to order some room service. Usually luxury hotels slam you price-wise for room service for no apparent reason, but it was incredibly reasonable and the food was exceptional.


I could honestly keep going, but I know 15 is already a bit excessive, and I’ve been making Porter wait to leave for dinner until I finish this post, and he’s already reached the I-will-sigh-heavily-continuously-until-you-acknowledge-that-you’ve-made-me-wait stage, so I need to wrap this up.


My mum always uses “the real deal” to refer to people who are just genuine through and through, themselves to the core, and continuously re-energizing to know and be around. Ive always thought this is such a mom thing to say and usually roll my eyes a little, but the rosewood is just that: the real deal. Every expectation is exceeded, every detail, thoughtful, every guest, treated as if they’re the only one.


Anna Lisa & Porter

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