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What I’m Wearing: Sand Jumpsuit (old, similar here), Vere Verto Miro Bag, Lack of Colour Hat


I’m sitting in the window of my favorite Boston cafe (George Howell) this morning and it’s torrentially down pouring for the third time this week. Everybody looks absolutely miserable and there must be some wind because I’ve seen about five broken umbrellas in the past hour alone. It’s supposedly going to be gorgeous this time next week, so I’m holding out for some sun, but until then the rain is creating that kind of mellow work bubble I loved so much when I lived in Dublin .


Porter took these photos this past weekend (reluctantly & half asleep after a weekend in NYC visiting his best friend). I forced him out of the house for brunch to feel like we had a semblance of a weekend together, but as soon as we got through catching up he crashed on the couch for about four hours while I binge watched The Office. Because it wasn’t a terribly exciting weekend I thought we’d do a quick list of a few things we find ourselves talking a lot about lately as a semi-random, semi-informative, hopefully somewhat interesting way to fill these lines.


1.Every single one of our friends right now seems to be at a major crossroads. Whether it’s a need for a job change, return to school, location switch, or whatever, I can’t think of a single close friend we have who isn’t currently in need of some major change and on the fence about their next move. It’s made every recent conversation with them full of anticipation. It’s so interesting to see how post college life plays out for the people you’re closest to, and to get the chance to watch as they start carving out what they want to do and who they want to be.


2.Grain. For the longest time I hated applied grain in photos, I thought it looked cheap, was a cop-out way to make photographs look vintagey (not a word, but sort of a word), and took high quality photos and basically degraded them. But lately, for whatever reason, Porter and I are both really into grainy photographs. Especially in tropical settings, it adds this vibe that I can’t really articulate but our editing style is definitely leaning more heavily into (the photos above all have applied grain).


3.The previously mentioned George Howell cafe. This post isn’t an endorsement for them or anything it’s just honestly the best cafe I’ve found in Boston so far. It’s not in the best area (over by Winter Street) but it’s attached to the Godfrey Hotel and has huge windows, tons of natural light, high-top wooden chairs with teal accents, and lots of variety in table-type (high tops, booths, standing tables, etc.) Also, the lattes are amazing and they’ll give you free sparkling water with your drink if you ask. Also the avocado toast, gluten free pastries, and plethora of outlets. I’ve spent most of the past two weeks here.


4.Vlogging, or, if you’re not extremely into the blogging world, video-blogging. Porter and his friends made tons of videos when we were growing up, and we both watch a good amount of Casey Neistat and blogger’s travel diary videos, and have been kind of dancing around the idea of making a YouTube channel for the past few months. We think it’s going to happen at some point in the next few months we’re just not quite sure when and not quite sure how to approach it stylistically just yet. We barely show our faces in photographs, so the idea of talking to a camera and publishing it on a platform intimidates me a lot, so it might be a bit different, but I’m excited about the prospect, even if a big part of me thinks Porter is using it as an excuse to buy a drone.


On Saturday we’re going to be announcing some very big plans we’ve been keeping quiet these past few months, so we hope you’ll check back in then.




Anna Lisa & Porter

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