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What I’m Wearing: Leo & Sage Sweater, DL1961 Shorts, Allbirds


I’ve been trying hard lately to pare down the quantity of clothing in our apartment, and even though Porter seems to have no trouble reducing each category to just a small handful of things, I struggle with sweaters. I’m not incredibly nostalgic or sentimental, and though certain stages of my life have been filled with real and abundant joy, I don’t often dwell on their passing. I’m a realist, present or future-focused & also (I like to think) too interested in change and the way it affects us to want to rewind or freeze time or be anywhere but now. But sweaters, for whatever reason I have a hard time letting them go (and an equally hard time resisting the urge to purchase more).


Porter and I are in the middle of a pretty big life change. We’ve been attempting to answer a whole lot of “whys” lately and are trying hard to dig into what matters & live in response to that. We’ll have more on what’s ahead for us in the next week or two, but the bulk of the aftermath of this “big thinking” has been a mix of fear and excitement and anticipation and exhaustion and lots and lots of joy pretty much rolled into one.


Basically, I’ve been living in sweaters. Cashmere sweaters, old sweaters, oversized sweaters, striped sweaters, sweaters that have the occasional hole or that I’ve lifted from one of my sisters closets as retribution for a certain missing dress. I don’t discriminate. I know this isn’t epiphanic but a good sweater really can give that “comfort item” feeling when life is getting a little unpredictable and risky. Also, favorite sweaters seem to always remain favorites. Am I the only ones who’s noticed this? I have shirts I loved at one point that I no longer know what I was thinking when I bought them, but I’ve never felt that way about a good sweater. They’re reliable; the clothing equivalent of a good cup of tea.


The gray and white striped one I’m wearing above is from Leo & Sage. I love this company because there aren’t any unnecessary frills. It’s super compatible to a capsule wardrobe lifestyle and they design clothing in a way that will keep your items relevant and wearable lots of seasons in a row. Not to mention this sweater is VERY soft and that kind of slightly open weave that will make it perfect for summer nights hanging out in the city (if summer actually ever arrives).


Hope you enjoy the pics, and, as always, thanks for following along!



Anna Lisa


*Thank you to Leo & Sage for sponsoring this post, all thoughts & opinions remain our own.


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