waiting on spring with H Halston

What I’m Wearing: H Halston Zip-Front BomberH Halston Sleeveless TopDL1961 JeansLK Bennett Boots


It might have snowed last weekend, but I’ve started seeing little hints of color on people that seem intentionally placed to reassure everyone that spring is actually coming. Every other Boston store front is intent on displaying technicolor flowers (definitely imported from very far south of here) and the new Starbucks cups are bright to the point of being blinding (I’m not a huge fan, but appreciate the effort). Unfortunately even amidst all these attempts to will spring into arriving, it’s still 99% percent of the time unbearably cold. The streets are still salted, the skies generally grey, and everyone’s carrying around that ready for spring “antsiness” that seems to pull you equally toward wanting to do everything at once and absolutely nothing.


The one great thing about winter dragging its feet, though, is that the boredom forces you to be inventive. Whether it’s cooking Taiwanese or attempting to walk as much of Boston in a single day as possible (we did this yesterday, and had to Uber back after getting significantly lost) the creativity the winter forces you to tap into helps make it feel at least a little bit more purposeful.


But back to this blog posts main topic: this past week we had the chance to work with another great minimalist brand that aligns with my recent obsessive interest in capsule wardrobes and purchasing with purpose: H Halston. This is a topic we’ll definitely be revisiting in the next couple of months as we share more about where Recess City is heading and the kind of stylistic approach that inspires us & (hopefully) engages all of you.


We’re finding more and more that the brands we’re drawn to all seem to fill certain criteria: they’re made up of simple staple pieces, they use inventive or technical fabrics and materials , and they encourage a lifestyle of quality over quantity. H Halston definitely fits the bill. The detailing on the jacket I’m wearing above is intricate without being loud, light but somehow also warm, and distinct without calling too much attention to itself. It has everything I’d want in a jacket and nothing extra, which is exactly what I go for when I’m choosing what to wear. I also love jackets that can carry over into different seasons, and I know this shade of blue and fabric will be as appropriate when we’re out at night in the summer as it will be in the Spring & Fall.


Maybe it’s the overstimulation involved in the day to day of being a blogger, but keeping it simple in the wardrobe department always seems to have a positive effect on the rest of our creative work. The less I have to worry about whether or not something I’ve bought recently is practical or If I can reach to wear it whenever I want the better I feel about purchasing it in the first place. Am I alone on this? I always wonder if people who love lots of prints or more eclectic designs have a much harder time getting out the door in the morning…


Hope you enjoy the pics!




Anna Lisa & Porter
*Thank you to H Halston for sponsoring this post.

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