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What I’m Wearing: DL1961 Instasculpt JeansReformation Top (similar)Will & Bear Hat


This post is going to be extra short because it’s Friday and the list of things I’ve put off doing until this afternoon has grown from manageable to gonna-take-a-miracle.


We took these pics during a bit of sun last weekend after getting coffees at Tatte and spending a solid twenty minutes debating whether or not we wanted to go to the movies (we opted out). The weather has been so up and down lately and March is feeling more and more like one of those “bridge months” you look forward to getting across, but not so much being in. Porter and I have been compensating by spending a lot more time with friends, making plans for things to look forward to once it warms up a little, and spending time outside whenever the weathers cooperating, like it did for just a little while that day. It’s crazy how after the long stretch of winter just a half an hour of walking in warm-ish weather has you feeling so appreciative. Im going to try hard to remember that when it’s July and we have four fans running and Porters eating ice directly out of the freezer tray…


Since there’s not too much exciting stuff to share right now (don’t worry, there’s some big things ahead), I thought I’d do a quick list of some things that are currently making March a tiny bit better…


  • Rewatching Silicon Valley while we work together at night. For some reason it’s stayed off our radar as a “rewatchable” show until recently and it’s just as good the second time.
  • The new coconut milk mocha macchiato at Starbucks (so much so that when I thought of adding it to this list I took a break and went up the street to get one. Now I’m even more behind, but worth it).
  • Spring cleaning. Probably more me than Port on this one, but if you can’t do anything particularly fun outside cleaning out/up certain sections of our apartment has felt so cathartic / productive.



Hope you enjoy the pics!



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