What I’m Wearing: Rag & Bone Coat, Will & Bear Hat (similar), Vere Verto Backpack


These pictures are long overdue. The second heavy snowfall hit Beacon Hill last weekend and Porter & I went out to look around, get coffee, pop into a few stores, just the typical weekend stuff we usually do.


We’ve both gotten more and more into design this past year so we more just look at things than buy and aim to go into the kinds of stores that get us thinking creatively (like the Restoration Hardware on Newbury, Good on Charles, and French & Italian to name a few). It’s funny because when we first started dating and I’d want to go shopping Porter would walk into a store, zero in on somewhere to sit, and involve himself as little as possible. I imagine this is the case for a lot of guys, but it’s interesting to see how photographing a lot more kind of heightens your awareness across other creative outlets. Now when we go he’ll be pointing out a cool light fixture or the flooring material & I catch myself thinking how is he picking up on things I’m missing? I’ve always thought that if you feel like you know someone as well as you possibly can picking up a hobby or doing an activity you wouldn’t naturally be drawn to can draw out elements of someone’s personality that could otherwise go totally unnoticed. Kind of like how I’m generally a little bit of a wimp & slightly afraid of the dark, but I somehow have no problem camping out in the Amazon (even trekking at night which makes absolutely no sense at all).


Anyway, Porter snapped these photos when we were on our way home and I wanted to go check out this small side street I’m now forgetting the name of on Pinkney Street. It’s a dead end and has a huge white bench at the end of it made of painted brick that always looks like a movie set to me. If you live in Beacon Hill it’s definitely worth checking out, it’s much more overlooked than Acorn Street and has much less foot traffic than Cedar Lane Way (win-win).


Hope you enjoy the pics!




Anna & Porter


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