our plans for the new year 

I know that it’s already January 5th, which means, statistically, the majority of goal-setters have already either failed or given up, (kind of a downer) but even though we’re a little late to the game, we thought we’d do a quick reflection on 2016 / “goals” post. We’re big believers in not just setting goals each year, but writing them down on a piece of paper & sharing them with the people that can hold us accountable. Right now, we have two lists tacked up to our cork board listing everything from giving up TV for a quarter of this year to being outside more, finishing the final details on our apartment, being more patient (me), petting a dog once a week (Port), and going to (at least) five new countries.


More than anything this year, I think I want to arrive in 2018 having had a lot of currently-unpredictable things happen. I don’t mean spontaneous bad news or a broken bone, but I want to be able to look back and say, I never would’ve guessed 2017 would go that way. For someone who’s typically very type A, for whatever reason, I think I’m at my best when the rug is kind of swept out from under me and I’m forced to adjust to a big change, whether that’s traveling for an extended period, our business growing faster than expected, or whatever it might be. Neither of us like the idea of knowing exactly what life will look like a year from now, and I think we’re both hopeful that will never change.


We’re also both making sure that this year will give us lots of opportunities to shoot & share. Creatively, we’re excited to stretch ourselves a little bit, work with some brands we’re very passionate about, and most of all, throw ourselves into the kind of photography we both love. I feel very fortunate that, for whatever reason, the harder we work at this the more energized we feel. I sometimes think that’s the final line between a job you’re passionate about and one you aren’t. It’s hard to ever feel drained by something you’re all-in on.


Hope everyone’s had a great start to the new year, and, as always, thank you for following along!




Porter & Anna




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