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This post is going to be a quick one because I’m in the middle of packing up to “skip” Christmas and head to the Caribbean tomorrow & have about twenty things on four different to-do lists I know I probably won’t even get halfway through come tonight. I’m a major list person. I keep sticky notes everywhere and can’t go to sleep without having written out what I need to accomplish the next day. I also can’t just keep lists in notes on my IPhone for some reason, they have to be written down, paper & pen style, and neatly. I’m not sure why this is but erasing a line of text on a screen just doesn’t feel as good as writing out that tiny check mark. Anyone with me on this? Porter thinks it’s hilarious and always writes really easily accomplishable acts on the bottoms of my lists to give me an extra thing to “check”. Some examples: exhale carbon dioxide, read this line, put on socks, etc.



Anyway, it snowed this weekend in Boston for the first time this season & even though it was all melted by Sunday morning Port and I capitalized on the weather and ducked outside to take some pictures before it was gone. We were a little over excited about the first snow & were up at 7 am just sitting in opposite windowsills of our apartment waiting for the coffee to hit so we felt adequately prepared for Christmas shopping. We leave our Christmas shopping to this weekend every year and have come into Boston to shop together for maybe the past five years or so, but obviously this time was different because Porter is now well adapted to city life and doesn’t ask how much more we’re going to walk every two minutes, and we didn’t have any place to rush back to. So we got to take things a little bit slower this year, which was great because 1. We’re both kind of sick at the minute along with more-or-less everyone else right about now & 2. Nothing kills the festive vibe like speeding through Christmas shopping. Most of the day we spent talking about who had given better gifts over the year & we obviously both had some major flops along the way we’d totally forgotten about and had a good laugh over (mixed CDs, polka-dotted headbands, a bag of chips etc.).



We didn’t do a gift guide for the holidays this year because we honestly just didn’t have the time, but instead I’m going to put a little list of brands we currently love below for anyone looking for one (or 10) last minute things. They’re mostly smaller lesser known companies with minimalist styles that have a bit of edge to them. Hopefully there’s something you’ve been looking for…



Porter & Anna



1. Under Armour Sportswear (his & hers)


2. Scotch & Soda (his)


3. Rains & Stutterheim jackets (his/hers)



…& anything from Cuisse de Grenouille (his) or Etre Cecile (hers)


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  1. Brette says:

    Thanks Anna & Porter. Enjoy the sun!☀️

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Brands We Love


Soko                                               Reformation                                               In Your Arms                                             Vere Verto                                             DL1961                                                   Veja                                                       Flynn Skye                                                  


Nisolo                                                   Scotch & Soda                                       Allbirds                                             Stutterheim                                               Wings + Horns                                         Needs & Wants Studios                            Will + Bear