winter getaways & the Charles hotel 


In the winter, it’s so easy for the days to slip one into the other. Especially in Boston, motivating yourself to do spontaneous things when it’s pitch dark out at four o’clock and absolutely freezing just doesn’t seem to come as naturally as it does in the summertime. I definitely struggle with this. I’m comfortable with repetition & don’t mind having run-of-the-mill days for a week straight, but, at the same time, I think I’m like most people and feel a lot more creatively stimulated, energetic, and overall happier when I force myself to work in some spontaneity (in February, especially, which I think everyone can agree is the most useless month).


That’s part of why spending this past weekend at The Charles Hotel felt so needed. Granted, going to Cambridge is not an epic quest from Boston (it’s about a twelve minute drive), but even this little change of scenery sort of snapped me back into an awareness of this need for little changes.


Growing up, Porter & I both went to the Charles for special dinners or brunches at Henrietta’s Table. It’s our favorite brunch spot in the Boston area hands-down and has the coziest, most welcoming atmosphere while remaining professional & efficient. It always feels like everyone there is with their families, too, for some sort of special occasion, especially during brunch, so it has that Thanksgiving-table kind of energy throughout the whole restaurant (which we both love). We had the best breakfast there Sunday morning.


I’ve gotten into the habit of doing little lists of what we love about the different hotels we’ve stayed at, and have gotten a good response, so I’m going to stick to that here, too.


Here our favorite things about The Charles:


1.  Porter made me promise to include the bathroom mirror TV, which I think all kids/men are completely entranced by. While I was getting ready for dinner, Port just stood in the bathroom watching Divorce Court disappear & reappear as he repeatedly turned it on and off, over and over and over.


2. They’ve just done a big renovation of tons of the rooms, so all the fixtures & details are updated (and so well-chosen). The marble bathrooms & gigantic TV’s that can swivel any direction were personal favorites.


3. The chocolates they put on your pillow at night aren’t the regular square, thin kind you typically get, but Hagensburg truffle pig chocolate which has that melted milk chocolate center (yum).


4. There’s four different options for drinks & restaurants, including an amazing hotel bar called Noir, so you don’t have to wander far if you don’t want to.


5. It has that “cozy” factor, I think because a lot of the hotel accents are dark wood & the indigo colored rugs, it just felt like the perfect place for a winter weekend.


6. As previously mentioned, Henrietta’s Table. It’s 100% worth going if you’re visiting Boston for a long weekend. You won’t be disappointed.


Hope this was helpful!




Anna & Porter


*Thank you to The Charles Hotel for sponsoring this post



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