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Whenever the opportunity arises to collaborate with a brand I believe in, not only based on style & aesthetics, but far more importantly on ethics, I go full steam ahead. Tribe Alive is just such a brand & I’m so very excited to be announcing that we’ll be running a giveaway today through tomorrow on my Instagram page (@recesscity) of their minimalist Mini Bucket Bag.


Tribe Alive’s mantra “fashion for a better world” represents an approach I feel too many brands overlook the importance of. Invested not only in where the raw materials for their products come from, but also in assuring that the women creating their products receive a paycheck that affords them the opportunity to leave poverty behind, Tribe Alive is a brand just about any woman, or person, for that matter, can easily become passionate about. Having an ethical & sustainable approach to fashion is certainly a trend that’s on the rise, there’s no doubt about that, but getting excited about & vocalizing that excitement for brands such as Tribe Alive  will bring about this valuable change all the faster.


Circling back to the giveaway, I know usually in blog posts featuring a company collaboration this is where the blogger would strategically yet subtly implant why this bag is The Best Bag, but because that always feels both forced & impersonal (to me, at least) I’d much rather just tell you guys why it works so well for me.


First off, the bucket bag is 1. small & 2. doesn’t have any compartments. It is what it says it is: a mini bucket bag. I’m a huge fan of this design because even though I have wallets and  purses, 9 times out of 10 I leave the house with just my license, phone, and credit card in my back pocket. Big purses for me quickly become a black hole of receipts, packs of gum, hair elastics, random keys (where do they even lead?), etc. etc. Because I can just drop whatever I would have stuck into my pocket loose into this little bag it’s quickly become the first one I reach for. Also, moving from a function-focus, I love love this shade of tan almost caramel leather and if I were to ever have a bag line I’d have a really hard time not offering it at every single corner. It’s not a flat shade but dynamic, which may be a description I just made up, but essentially it’s one of those colors that alters slightly when it’s reflecting different light. (I love that in any leather good).


Sidenote: how autumnal do these little streets look ?! The trees on the flat of the hill seem to be losing their leaves a little bit ahead of schedule this season…I’m not mad about it.


This post got a little bit longer than I intended, so I won’t blame you if you don’t get through it all..


Hope you all get the chance to enter the giveaway & enjoy the pics!




Anna Lisa


*Big thanks to Tribe Alive for sponsoring this post

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