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^ P.S. I’m a huge supporter of using recyclable bags when I shop and this one by Apolis has quickly become my favorite.

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I’m hesitant to get preachy about anything food-related because I’m a big believer that every body is different. What works well for one person more likely than not won’t be the perfect dietary lifestyle for everyone else. With that being said, I thought I’d do a quick blog post about how I approach buying food, particularly fresh produce, and even more particularly, in a city.


When I lived in Switzerland for a year in college, I fell in love with buying local. Having been a vegetarian for almost eight years, produce makes up the bulk of my diet, and living abroad I quickly realized the kinds of preservatives we’ve grown accustomed to here in the U.S. are just about nonexistent in many parts of Europe (particularly, countries ultra-focused on food sanitation like Switzerland & France). Few preservatives meant produce went off just about as quickly as you could eat it. That may have meant lots of metro rides into town, but it also got me accustomed to better understanding how exactly fruits and veg got from the countryside onto my dinner plate. In Lausanne, (the city I lived in) farmers came to set up stalls and sell their produce twice a week. The farmers came in from four different countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy) and all prices were negotiable. There were so many farmers to choose from and so many varieties of every kind of produce imaginable that it was a little overwhelming at first, but soon became one of my favorite parts of the week. When you literally watch your money go from your own hand into the hand of the man or woman who planted & picked what’s filling your grocery bag it’s a remarkably different feeling from the check out line at your local supermarket. Not only is it a whole lot less stressful, it’s a lot more personal. Obviously, buying local is good for your local economy, but what truly makes the process stick for me is the appreciation it generates for the food I eat. I believe a deeper appreciation for the food in front of you is the perfect starting point for a healthier relationship with food overall.


Now that I’m back in Boston, there are plenty of options for local produce and farmstands open nearly every day. Boston Pubic Market is a fantastic option as are the stands that come in on the weekends in Copley Square.


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