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What I’m Wearing: OB Overalls, Reformation Top (similar), Loafers (similar), Vere Verto Backpack


Maybe it’s the Spring cleaning bug I seem to have gotten a little early this year, or all the articles I keep stumbling onto about “capsule” wardrobes, but lately I’ve really felt the need to reduce all forms of clutter and focus only on the staples that make life simple. One of the conversations Porter and I seem to be having again and again lately is whether or not we feel like advocating for consumerism (which is really what most style bloggers do when you get down to the bare bones of it) is something we feel can add real value to our lives long term. We’ve always thought of ourselves as within the niche of the blogging “trifecta” (style, travel, & lifestyle), but lately we’ve felt compelled to dig into how our approach to each of these could bring us closer or further from the kind of fulfillment we’re after. There’s been handfuls of late nights talking about & reading up on other bloggers’ take on this subject, and while I feel like we’re progressing quickly toward a concrete definition of the kind of bloggers we want to be, we’re not quite at the “thesis statement” point. When we are, we’ll definitely be sharing it here. Sometimes, for us at least, focusing on reflection makes planning for the future unfold all the more organically.


Anyway, back to capsule wardrobes. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, the concept is incredibly simple: reducing your wardrobe each season to a very small handful of items in each category (shirts, shoes, pants, etc.) so that you’re never wearing something you don’t absolutely love & so that you’re more focused on restyling the items you love than purchasing new ones you aren’t entirely crazy about for a single occasion. I’m of the belief that most of us are “secret” capsule wardrobers anyway, reaching constantly for the same two or three shirts among twenty, and zipping up the exact same pair of Aquatalia boots every winter day for two years straight, despite having a small handful of equally weather-ready shoes (guilty).


This week, we had the privilege of shooting for OB Anthology, which I was particularly excited about given my recent capsule obsession. It’s a brand built upon the concept of minimalism, and made up of the kinds of items that could belong in anyone’s “capsule” long after certain trends have faded in and out  (& and in again). I read recently that’s something’s probably worth buying if you can immediately rattle off 8-10 situations you would wear the item in. Thus, Porter had the unfortunate role of having to listen to me list off all the possible places / situations I could wear these overalls. My favorites were as a bikini cover up with sandals on basically any vacation, or with a hat and boots in the Outback / New Zealand (two places we’re desperate to get to), or with a neck scarf and little heels for dinner somewhere tropical.  Since then, he’s taken every opportunity to announce his own lists to me, usually for whatever the simplest thing he’s wearing is. For example, white socks: “I could wear these under shoes, I could wear these as mittens, I could wear these on the couch, I could wear these in a tree.”


I love when companies, especially one’s geared toward minimalism, don’t focus just on recreating minimalist basics, but on creating items in neutrals that are unique without being complex or loud. That’s how I feel about overalls, and actually, how I feel about the backpack I’m wearing in these pictures, too, by another minimalist company wed to high quality, Vere Verto. I’d love to hear about anyone’s experience with capsule wardrobes or thoughts & opinions on the subject, so feel free to comment below or shoot me a DM on @recesscity.


>Hope you enjoy the pics!


>Anna Lisa & Porter


*Big thanks to OB Anthology for sponsoring this post! All thoughts & opinions remain my own.

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