a quick trip to Brooklyn 

What I’m Wearing: Farrow Instaslim Jeans (similar), Biker Jacket (old)

What Porter’s Wearing: Rains Coat, Wings & Horns Sneakers (similar), Vinta Backpack


If I’m being completely honest, Porter and I aren’t huge fans of New York. I’ve heard people say before that everything you love about Boston will be everything you don’t love about NYC, and that just about sums up how we feel. We’ve grown pretty accustomed to the convenience of everything here in Boston, the city never really feels crowded, nothing’s much farther than a fifteen minute uber, and, even on the weekends, street noise basically doesn’t exist. There are tons of brownstones here and every street has its own character and architecture and distinctions. Of course, not all of Boston is beautiful and not all of NYC is loud and busy. I guess I’m speaking in generalities. So, in general, we don’t love NYC, and, in general, we do love Boston.


The nook of New York we actually do really enjoy and want to spend more time in is Brooklyn. We love the artistic laid back old urban architecture and vibe there, and we love the wide, occasionally cobblestoned streets. There’s coffee shops built in old warehouses with the highest ceilings imaginable & it feels laid back and creative and like a good space to take a deep breath after time in the busier sections of the city.


Before this trip we had never walked the Brooklyn bridge and it was a huge weekend highlight among a bunch of other highlights. We were in the city officially to surprise our best friend on his birthday, but we managed to fit in seeing about a dozen other friends and my sister, so we came home with that over-productivity exhaustion that makes the few lazy days afterward feel so deserved. If I ever lived near the Brooklyn Bridge (unlikely based on the aforementioned love for Boston) I would run across it every morning. It’s this beautiful shade of wood that almost looks like white ash and the view just seems to get better and better as you go along. It’s touristy for sure, but we got there early in the morning on Saturday around 9 am right after grabbing coffees and it wasn’t very crowded at all. Also, this area is pretty much a photographer’s dream. The bridge itself has great linearity and depth and the streets along either side of it give way to the greatest views. We got to hang out for a little while in D.U.M.B.O. but there are a lot more less well known “secret” spots that are just as visually striking.


After a morning of wandering around and shooting we crashed at my sister’s apartment until my best friend from Dublin came by with coffees and croissants. Definitely not a bad way to end a full morning. We got to see a lot of great friends, and to take the train to and from home, which we both love. No matter where I am or where we’re going, whenever we get on a train it always feels a little bit like we’re in a storybook or a movie. Neither of us are great at flying, so trains always seem to take the anxiety out of going on a trip. We’ll be announcing the next city we’re headed to in hopefully just a couple of weeks.


We hope you enjoy the pics (I’m pretty attached to this batch!)


Anna Lisa & Porter


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