grey days & green boots 

What I’m Wearing: DL 1961 Jeans (similar),  Lynkstyle Jacket, Reformation Top (similar)


I’m currently sifting through the 1200 or so photos we took this past weekend in New York, and even though that’s a whole lot of photos, there’s something simultaneously exciting & calming about “the process” for me.


I’ve promised myself for months now that I’m going to start printing photos for our apartment, which funnily enough has only two pictures in it currently: one of me & Porter at our high school graduation, and a vintage shot of Alexander McQueen on a little street about a 2 minutes walk from our apartment. Porter found that for me for Christmas (it wasn’t easy), and I’m still deciding where to put it. So between NYC and attempting to gather up 20-30 or so photos to print, it’s been a screen heavy week so far. As I said before though, I don’t really mind. Editing photos is like reading a book for me, I lose myself pretty quickly.


Before this weekend we spent a rainy afternoon at Peets on Charles checking off a lot of “businessy” things we needed to get done, then walked around the flat of the hill for a little bit to shoot the pictures above and get some air between all the cold/ damp weather. If you haven’t noticed I’m a big fan of the all-black outfit, which takes little to no effort and always looks intentionally “chic” (a word I don’t really love, but am struggling to find a perfect alternative to). I don’t work well at all when I’m not at least mostly put together, so on days I’m feeling a little bit distracted I fall into the all-black habit (I seem to be especially dependent on this look in winter). It’s easy, it’s presentable, and in a strange way, the more subdued my own outfit is color-wise, the more creative I feel.


We have tons (and tons) of photographs to put up here tomorrow & the next day from New York. They’re some of my favorites to date & I’m printing up a whole batch of them. We’re excited to get them up & hope you love them as much as we do!


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Anna & Porter


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