the sugar ridge hotel & Antigua 

^ Silver palms are my absolute favorite trees. The first time I saw one I thought someone had covered the trees in mint-colored graffiti.

There’s something about photographing hotels that always relaxes me & that’s all the more true when it’s a place that has lots of natural light & outdoor space. Time also helps, too, and spending a week at the villas at Sugar Ridge gave me plenty. If you’ve been following along for a little while, you know that I’ve gotten into the habit of doing quick little lists of what I love about the hotels we stay at. For me, it’s the most effective way to compile all the unique little things I notice about a place. I also think, with hotels especially, the images really speak for themselves. Rarely can a not-so-great spot be made to look beautiful (kind of like how fast food doesn’t even look appetizing in fast food commercials ). Anyway, here’s my list for Sugar Ridge:

1. The hotel’s aesthetic is almost entirely white, which makes everything feel so crisp and understatedly modern & elegant.

2. Almost all the wooden furniture you come across looks like it was built from repurposed driftwood.

3. The beach shuttle which goes to and from different beaches every day is an open air Land Rover Defender, which happens to be a car Porter & I both very badly want someday.


4. The hotel is right by tons of beaches but located on the rainforest side of the island, so it feels very lush and tropical (we saw rainbows every other day).

5. It’s right by lots of other great hotels & restaurants definitely worth trying like Cocobay & Jacqui O’s. I sometimes feel like certain hotels in the Caribbean encourage you to isolate yourself within the resort, which I’m not always a huge fan of.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!
Anna Lisa

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