exploring the islands in leo & sage 



^As a kid, I went everywhere barefoot I could get away with and often had to sit outside the pharmacy or whatever summer errand my mum was running because I’d once again snuck into the car without shoes on. I’m the same way now. If it’s hot out and wearing shoes is optional, I rarely opt in.




I always joke with Porter that his mood is at least 80 percent dependent on whether or not his clothes are comfortable, and even though that percentage drops for most of us, I think it’s at least partially true for everyone. Especially in the heat, I can’t wear anything too tight or not breathable without starting to snap. My vacation suitcase is largely made up of anything that can be classified as loose & flowy and completely empty of denim or form-fitting anything. Usually, if I’m heading to the heat, if there’s more than two or three seams on something, I’m leaving it at home. As the pics above suggest, my recent trip to Antigua was no different.

I also am one of those unusual types that love humidity. I get how to some people it can be suffocating, but for whatever reason it gives me this comforting, zen feeling that I find so relaxing. I was very grateful I brought along some new items from Leo & Sage this trip because not only was it hot but it was very very humid (it down poured in five minute spurts like clockwork just about every four hours). I love Leo & Sage because they make items that don’t sacrifice quality for comfort and that are ultra breathable like the skirt & sweater I’m in above. They also use interesting materials (the sweater has an almost spandex feel to it) that reflect an attention to detail & a vested interest in the clothes looking, feeling, and functioning exactly as you’d want them too. There’s literally nothing more off-putting to me than trying on something that looks great and is in my size but just feels so materially uncomfortable, whether it’s itchy or too tight in places, it makes me feel like the person behind the label lacks the empathy to make sure the women in their clothes look and feel great. In Leo & Sage I feel like my comfort & style mattered from the drawing board and thats something I think too often gets overlooked.



Hope you enjoy the pics!


Anna Lisa



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