wish lists & an island Christmas 

When I was very little, my parents contemplated moving our family down to the islands for that slower-paced lifestyle, and I was absolutely devastated when they ended up deciding against it. But that possibility planted a kind of seed of “could have beens” in my brain to the point that I always come to the islands imagining what that would’ve been like. I’ve probably spent about a year of my life in the Caribbean, and a good chunk of that during a semester of college when I was twenty. I love it down here. I love the humidity and the heat and how warm the ocean is, how friendly the locals are and the fish and fruit & the rains every afternoon. When I lived on a boat down here I had fresh mango almost every single day and would eat lobster that fishermen tossed live onto our deck or that I caught myself wearing socks on my hands as “protection”. I think if I’d only seen this corner of the world I could’ve very happily ended up down here at some point in my life. Traveling is good and bad in that way. It’s hard to be content with labeling one area as “perfect” when you’re continually discovering more “perfect” places & all for very different reasons. I think now I’m more excited about the possibility of finding more-or-less undiscovered “perfect” places. I love the idea that there could be a place I haven’t been to yet that someday could mean more to me than any place I’ve already seen, the kind you return to every year with family and know every nook & cranny of.


Anyway, we’ve “skipped” Christmas this year but were all granted one ask and mine was for this vere verto backpack. I spotted this last April and fell in love with the structure of it and the color of the leather. It’s linear but warm and very practical for me because I’m not a huge fan of big purses and like having my hands free. I’ve said this before, but I love the way this shade of leather throws light and I also love that the straps can be used to convert it into a purse on the off-chance I’d rather not have a backpack. The hat was my gift from Porter and is from lack of color. I told him I wanted a hat that was interesting but versatile and I think he nailed it. It’s the kind of hat that looks as perfect for Arizona or Mexico as it does for Spain or New Zealand.
I’ll have some more posts coming in the next few days…Hope you enjoy the pics!
Anna Lisa


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