monochrome stripes & day one in paris

^ This little girl was waving to everyone the whole time we were there. I was melting.

I’ve been to Paris around twelve times now, but for some reason, each of those times I’ve completely overlooked visiting the Cour d’honneures (where we are in the pics above). I’d seen shots of the piazza on Instagram, but somehow always mistook it for being somewhere else. Anyway, a few weeks before our trip I was very excited to realize that not only was “that place with all the striped columns” in Paris, but also it was only about a four minute walk from the Louvre, which is our favorite section of the city anyway & the part I usually spend the most time in.


That first morning in Paris was a bit of a whirlwind with some lost luggage and a last minute trip back to the airport to claim it, but right as Porter & I were really starting to sulk over the unforeseen circumstances we turned out to have the best cab driver ever, who basically gave as us all sorts of awesome info about new places to shop, eat, visit, etc & ended up driving us back to the airport when we flew home a few days later. I sometimes feel like bad starts that turn around are even better than a good day all the way through…


Anyway, because we had a bit of a hectic start, we both felt like our trip didn’t really begin until we arrived at the court and it was exactly what we both needed. Being behind the camera always has a way of calming everything down for both of us, and sort of re-instills that serene feeling you get after you’ve been off reading by yourself for an hour or so. It helps, obviously, when the place you’re shooting is extremely photogenic, all the tourists seem to have magically decided to go somewhere else, and you know that about ten steps in every direction there are unbelievable lattes and pastries. It felt so nice to just take a deep breath, recognize that we were back in Paris, and enjoy the present that not even Porter repeatedly asking me when “he could put his order in” (apparently I resembled a waitress in the white on black) got to me in the slightest.


Later on that day, we headed over to the Champs Elysees to climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, which was another thing neither of us had ever done before. It was raining on and off a bit but the view was definitely worth it & they move through the line so quickly that even at midday you shouldn’t need more than an hour and a half to go check it off your list. My only advice would be to wear practical shoes, climbing the spiral staircase to the lookout is no easy task.


Our Paris City Guide will be up tomorrow afternoon with links to our favorite stores, restaurants, bars, etc.


Hope you enjoy the pics!




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