our stay at the Terrass Hotel in Paris 

It’s been a whole lot longer since our last blog post than we originally intended, but, if you haven’t already noticed, the blog got a completely new look. We toyed with the idea of overhauling a lot of our old features awhile ago, so when we knew we needed to change platforms a few weeks back we decided to turn a slightly tedious project with some small benefits into an extremely time-consuming, sleepless-nights-inducing HUGE project with benefits both big & small. The setbacks were many, the coffee breaks frequent, but here we are with a website we basically built all on our own, a newfound appreciation for all those capable of coding, and an interface miles better than we first thought we were capable of building. We hope you agree.
The one major downside of taking so much time out to change our site was having to wait on sharing all the photos we took on our recent trip to Paris (and since getting back), but now that we’re live I’m going to take the next few days to share away. (And, let’s be real, having the extra couple of weeks to edit 6,000+ frames really wasn’t so bad.)
While we were in Paris we had the opportunity to stay at the Terass Hotel in Montmartre, which we absolutely loved. The terrace restaurant it’s named for has sweeping views of the entire city, it’s surrounded by the most photogenic little streets that all have that old-Paris, tourist-free vibe, and the staff are so warm & friendly & helpful. The rooms are extremely well kept and the decor is simple, bright & occasionally funky (in a good way, think modern, branching light fixtures). I could’ve sat up at their breakfast restaurant for hours just staring at the city. It seemed like every different time of day cast a different mood on the skyline & it was just so great being able to hop on the elevator to go check out how the light was playing up different sections of one of our absolute favorites cities.
In the past, Porter & I have stayed right by the Louvre at the Hotel Le Pradey which we absolutely adore, too, but because of its location you definitely are smack-dab in tourist central, which means pricey restaurants and crowds just about every which way. It was definitely refreshing to enjoy the dialed down pace of Montmartre. For anyone who isn’t super familiar with Paris, this section of the city is where a lot of artists & writers like Fitzgerald & Hemingway lived way back when, so it has lots of artistic energy & sort of radiates a laid back creativity. I know that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but if you go, I think you’ll get what I mean.
We hope you enjoy the pics! Also, before I forget, the little “goal digger” bangle I’m wearing in the final frame is by Cuffed By Nano, for those who asked.
We’ll be sharing a Paris city guide later on today, along with another batch of pics, so stay tuned!
Anna & Porter



*Thank you to the Terrass Hotel for sponsoring this post


  1. Christine Leahy says:

    Congratulations Anna and Porter on this incredible relaunch. The layout/design and photographs are beautiful and the site is easy to navigate. I just bought the Mango gray overcoat for Katharine and excited to surprise her with it for Christmas!

  2. Theoni says:

    Seems to be amazing! And love the design of your blog!

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