our trip to Montreal & the Hotel William Gray

Every time I go to a new hotel, I find myself taking mental notes on little things I love or would tweak if it were my own. I feel like this is a pretty common habit among most people, but creative types especially, and every time I travel all the hypothetical spaces I might some day create get a little fine-tuning. During our most recent stay at The Hotel William Gray these little lists got a whole lot longer. Detail-oriented is an understatement. Everything in this hotel, from the books on the shelves in the hotel lobby to the bathroom fixtures (the showers have about ten nozzles), to the floor to ceiling windows offering panoramic views of old Montreal, reflect an attention to detail that never let up.


I’m not a big hotel kind of a person, and even though I’ve stayed in large hotels that were definitely beautiful, I can always breathe a little easier and relax a little more quickly in a smaller, boutique hotel space. Maybe this is an effect of being the youngest child & having the smallest bedroom growing up, but I always feel like no matter how amazing a hotel is, the bigger it gets, the more likely certain things are going to fall through the cracks. It’s just a whole lot harder to keep up with hundreds of rooms versus a few dozen.


Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite things about the William Gray:


1. The lobby study area has a long wooden table with a terrarium hanging above it (see photos) that’s so zen & modern at the same time.


2. Cafe Olimpico’s homemade fritelles & vanilla lattes.


3. The concierge is incredibly helpful & will sit down with you and ask a bunch of seemingly random questions to get a feel for who you are so they can suggest exactly the kind of things you’d like.


4. The rooftop terrace, which serves drinks & overlooks the entire city.


5. There are hooks & floormats for you to leave your shoes & jackets right at the entryway of the rooms, which were incredibly useful when it was raining & I imagine will be much appreciated throughout the winter.


6. The hotel restaurant, Maggie Oakes, grows some of the herbs they cook with on a vertical garden that’s hanging in the restaurant. (Their French fries are also incredible).


7. It’s located smack dab in the center of old Montreal so the most pedestrian-friendly, cobblestone streets with boutiques, cafes, & galleries are literally at your doorstep.


8. It’s only been open for a few months so the staff’s energy is very upbeat & excited (you can tell they all know they’re a part of something that’s going to be/ already is so great).


Hope you enjoy the pics!




Anna Lisa

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