grey days & cocoon coats

What I’m Wearing:Avantur Luxe Cocoon in GreyAmerican Apparel Off-the-Shoulder Bodysuit,


It might’ve been in the seventies last week, but fall won’t last forever, and as someone who has a huge love/hate relationship with winter, I like to go in prepared. That means warm coats, lots of them, thermal socks, lined leather gloves & sweaters on sweaters on sweaters. I am so that person who will start shivering when it’s “only” 40 degrees with the tiniest breeze, and that usually means my criteria for a warm winter coat are a bit stronger.


In winter, I feel like I’m constantly battling between wanting to be very warm & not wanting to feel like I’m so bundled up that I can’t use my appendages. Sometimes this battle isn’t worth fighting (like on winter road trips when Porter insists the AC be on full blast to keep him “sharp” while driving), so I basically dress like a circle with arms & legs. But in all seriousness, there is nothing worse than going to an event in the winter & knowing you look more like you’re about to set off on the next polar expedition than on your way to a special occasion. That’s why I was very excited when I recently stumbled upon NYC-based Avantur. I instantly loved their allegiance to minimalist design & commitment to always having a little something or “wow factor” to set their designs apart. That’s exactly the kind of style I gravitate toward & when you mesh that alongside the functionality of their Luxe cocoon coat (which I’m wearing in the pics above) it’s a done deal.


When I say this coat is warm, I mean it. The faux-shearling lining makes it feel like you’ve just wrapped yourself in a cozy winter throw, but the structure, lapels, and sleeves give it that urban sophistication that I often feel forced to sacrifice in favor of warmth. I’m also a little obsessed with the hue of the sleeves and lapels that fluctuates between a deep gray or blue or purple depending on the light. Unless it’s leather, I don’t really like wearing a short coat in the winter. Something about length makes an outfit feel more streamlined to me, and maybe because I am on the shorter end of the girls in my family, I’ve always held the subconscious belief that a longer coat makes me look taller. The materials for the Luxe Cocoon are sourced from America & Japan and both designed & made in NYC. Avantur is more well known for their collection of scarves, which is impressive and maintains their commitment to minimalist yet inventive design, but when I saw this coat I zeroed in.


I love when I find a company where I not only love the products but feel like the energy behind the product matches what drives me creatively. In a little Q&A on style, one of the founders said “be bold or go home” & it resonated so strongly with me that I wrote it out in notes on my phone (am I the only one who does this?). I think indifference can be toxic, and it makes my skin crawl at times to feel like I’m surrounded by people who are “watering themselves down” rather than developing and articulating who they truly are or how they truly feel. Does this bug anyone else ? I’d rather have someone have a strong opinion I disagree with than no opinion at all.


Hope you enjoy the pics & get the chance to check out Avantur ( on insta)




Anna Lisa


*Thank you to Avantur for sponsoring this post

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