cozy knits by Margaret O’Leary 


This week has been one of those where Monday feels like Thursday, Tuesday feels like Sunday, and by Wednesday, there’s no hope of getting reoriented. I somehow managed to lose my keys (which I later found), two debit cards (which I did not), and completely overreact to the sudden appearance of a small mouse in our apartment (jumped from furniture to avoid touching the ground, screamed loud enough that our neighbor’s puppy went ballistic, etc.)  Porter not so gently reminded me that never in the history of the world has a person been viciously attacked by a mouse (still not totally convinced).  All of that’s been handled & dealt with by now, though, and somehow, during the fog of the start of this week, fall has fully arrived.


Earlier this week, I put together a look with one of my new sweaters from Margaret O’Leary that Porter instantly said “made me look a little bit homeless”. Fortunately for him, that’s what I was going for. If a sweater is meant to be a bit oversized I usually just embrace that completely, pick out an equally oversized jacket, a less feminine pair of lace up or Chelsea boots and jeans or cords with a tighter fit. In my opinion, if everything on you is oversized you’re going to look sloppy, but if every item but one is you’re going to look purposely sloppy which, as far as I can tell, somehow always translates to looking effortlessly chic. It’s the perfect scenario to say, “I woke up like this.”


I’m picky when it comes to sweaters because I feel like designers have the challenge of achieving the perfect balance of comfort, style, and the right fall, and sometimes that mark just isn’t hit. I hate for sweaters to feel too tight, especially around the shoulders,  but also hate sweaters that basically make you look like an amorphous blob. There’s definitely a science to it, and while I don’t exactly know the rules & regs of that science, I do know that Margaret O’Leary sweaters get it right. They’re basic enough in color and style but they all have a little detail that elevates their “fashionable factor” & uniqueness. Whether it’s the weave, or sleeves that open at the end bell-bottom style, (like the one I’m wearing above) they’re standard while raising the standard  & that’s exactly the kind of thing I’m typically hunting for.


P.S. I love, love the style boots I’m wearing in these photos and basically live in them throughout the winter. When I moved to Dublin they were  everywhere and are a nice leather alternative to Bean boots, which are literally inescapable come November & though practical, let’s be honest, kind of really boring after a few weeks.


Hope you enjoy the pics!




Anna Lisa


*Thank you to Margaret O’Leary for sponsoring this post!

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  1. hannaj0y says:

    love this outfit! Definitely feeling the fall vibes!

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