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What I’m Wearing: Tobi Asymmetrical Skirt in Taupe, Aldo Heels (old), Zara W&B Collection Top (old), Rayban Round Metal Classics


One of the best things about shooting regularly in any city is its ability to bring you to places you wouldn’t have otherwise gone to and, therefore, appreciated. The more we shoot the more I realize just how many spots get overlooked in a city this size, how many empty lots there are with huge unnoticed ivy walls, and scrappy looking alleys that somehow get unbelievable afternoon light. Countless times now, Porter and I have used “that speckled cement street” or “painted brick corner” as points of reference, completely unaware of how bizarre it is to use those instead of landmarks or restaurants or street names. In a weird way though, I feel like it’s accelerated feeling at home here, in the same way you use an odd memory to reference a specific time period with friends, not a season or a date.


We love finding new spots to shoot, and if they’re tucked away or reasonably undiscovered it’s all the better and feels more “our own.” Porter shot this look a couple of nights ago in a random empty parking lot we found (that sounds sketchier than it actually was). The light was perfect. I always feel so much more relaxed shooting in things that are “flowy,” probably because they organically tend to shoot well.


Walking back home afterward, we ran into one of our friends, not an unusual occurrence in Beacon Hill, but something else that I’ve lately been feeling very appreciative of. By some bizarre miracle, almost all of our closest friends from growing up live not only in this city, but walking distance. My closest friends from elementary & high school live just a couple streets over from me and a couple doors apart from each other. Every other time we go anywhere we run into people we know, and more often than not, they’re people we legitimately love running into (which I know definitely isn’t always the case for everyone). Between our creative work, this city, & friends stopping by whenever they feel like, there’s so little I would change about this stage of life & I’m doing my best to not let the day-to-day let me lose sight of that.


Hope you enjoy the pics!




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