sneaker chic with Allbirds 

What I’m Wearing: Rag & Bone Rockley CoatAllbirds Natural Black Wool Runners


I want to kick off this post by saying I am not a sneakers person. Outside of running, choosing sneakers to compliment an outfit just isn’t something I would regularly do for a number of reasons. First off, I don’t find them very versatile, easy to seamlessly / aesthetically coordinate with an outfit, or practical for the bulk of the year which is usually cold and wet and, therefore, usually leaves sneakered-feet cold and wet. Outside of the white on white runners Scandinavian girls seem to effortlessly pair with all kinds of looks, I’d happily say “no thanks” to just about any sneaker. That is, until all of my friends started going on and on (and on) about Allbirds & how unlike any other sneaker they are. Granted, I wasn’t entirely convinced until I got my own pair, but now that I do I not only get what they were on about but find myself directing conversations toward these shoes & just how insanely comfortable they are.


Allbirds are made out of ethically sourced merino wool, which seems strange & itchy at first, but oh so warm and comfortable once you’ve tried them on. The founder spent literally years perfecting the first “wool runners” and I genuinely don’t have anything I could critique them on. They feel more like cashmere than wool, have a minimalist & textured appearance in their neutral shades that works with (not against) an outfit already suited for that color shoe, and are meant to be worn sock-free, upping their slipper feel.


I am so ready for fall, and to slip into the neutral brown, black, and white tones I always prefer but feel pressured to venture away from in the warmer months. Subdued colors relax me, and let’s be honest, there are so many more opportunities to run into fashion-mishaps on city streets in the summer than after the temperature drops. It may have been a little seasonally premature, but it felt so good to be slightly bundled up in this look & cozy head-to-toe.



Hope you enjoy the pics!




Anna Lisa


*Thank you to Allbirds for sponsoring this post

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