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^ I’ve gotten a lotttt of questions about these Chelsea sneakers. You can’t really tell in the photos, but the accents are actually navy, which makes them really perfect to wear with jeans.

On Porter: DL1961 JeansChelsea Boots (similar)ATM Men’s Slub Jersey T


On Me:American Apparel Denim JacketAG The Hailey Jean Shorts


Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how we shoot and edit, so I thought I’d do a quick post addressing what’s been asked the most. Also, a lot of you have been wondering where I got the jean jacket on my insta this week, so I’m adding that in too.


First off, the jacket is from American Apparel (link above), and I customized it using iron-on letters I found on Amazon. There are literally hundreds of variations of font, size, and color when it comes to iron-on lettering, so trust me you can find anything you’ve imagined. I’m really happy with how it turned out, know that it’s something I can wear again and again, and only got a couple of burnt fingers in the process. Stylized denim jackets have been all over the place this summer, but usually the ones you buy pre-made either say something overly generic or cliche (or they have a dozen colored patches, and that’s just not my style). I love that you can wear something like this over a bikini at the beach or in an urban setting, not to mention, it photographs unbelievably well. I’m already scheming up how to re-shoot it in different locations we’re traveling to this year (stay tuned!).


Turning to photographing & editing, Porter and I both shoot with the Nikon D5500. We have a few lenses we rotate between but most often stick with the Nikon 18-55mm & the Nikon 18-140mm. The former is ideal for portrait shoots and close-ups, but we prefer the 18-140mm for landscapes and wide angle shots (the detail it can pick up is incredible!). As far as editing goes, like a lot of instagrammers, we worship VSCO. VSCO’s ability to drastically transform the mood of almost any photo is pure magic. Its filters elevate the quality of a photo beyond any editing software I’ve ever seen. In particular, I’m in love with the J1-J6 Minimalist filter series (shocker) and the Essence filter pack (E1-E8). Lately, we’ve been experimenting with double filtering our photos to add in an extra dose of moodiness and that’s worked great as well, though I’d warn against filtering at a high number because there’s nothing worse than a picture that could’ve been great but looks over-edited (my least favorite thing ever.). When a picture needs more repairs we prefer Pixelmator over Lightroom. I edit on a tablet almost always, and although the Pixelmator app is a bit pricey it’s very intuitive and has a user-friendly format. No matter what the issue I have in post-production, it never fails me.


This post got a little long…Let me know if there are any more questions, and I’ll do my best to get back to each of you!




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