summer neutrals 

What I’m Wearing:   Will + Bear Hat American Apparel Deep Cut Bodysuit


This post is going to be extra quick because we have a lot of exciting projects coming up in the next week, and this shoot featured an all-in-all simple outfit. I’m big on neutrals and almost always keep my clothing in that range of colors (with the exception being blue) so it’s no surprise that I’m drawn to American Apparel’s Tricot High Cut One Pieces (I have this in three different colors). I love that this can be worn as a bathing suit or beneath a skirt or shorts when you’re out and about on a summer vacation as a get-up that’s relaxed without looking sloppy. You can come back from a day of sun, throw a maxi skirt on over it, put on a necklace and head out to a beach bar no problem. As for the hat, it’s by a company I’ve quickly fallen for called Will + Bear. Like American Apparel, their products are sweat shop free. They’re made with 100% Australian wool, and the craftsmanship is outstanding. Trust me, I wear a lot of hats and these ones are built to last and come in styles and colors that consistently reflect an attention to aesthetics beyond almost every other hat company I’ve encountered.  I wish I could include a bit more info about the bracelets I’m wearing, too, because I’ve gotten a lot of questions about them, but they were a gift from a friend of my mum’s years ago from a trip to Kenya, so I’ll just have to hope I come across them again someday. Hope you enjoy the pics!




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