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I’m always looking for ways to break up the week, and last night was no different. I knew I wanted to spend a bit of time outside somewhere preferably scenic and summery, close by, and not too crowded. I’d been eyeing this little dock on the inner river of the Esplanade on morning runs for a few weeks, so when Porter got home we headed out with some prosecco, stopped by Pressed for paletas, and were pleasantly surprised to find it unoccupied and in the shade.


I’m almost positive this is the dock The Esplanade’s gondolieris use for picking up passengers on weekends because it’s oh-so small and has the cutest candy cane poles and mini walkway. Originally, I wanted to use the paletas (which is just a fancy way to say Popsicles) to make mimosa and Bellini-like beverages. While we did do that, and the photos make them appear decently edible, I’m just going to be honest and say that those Popsicles were the worst. I don’t want to throw Pressed under the bus because I love their smoothies and juices and wholistic approach to health, but I could barely get a sip down before Porter jumped up to dump them in the garbage and plain prosecco henceforth it was. While the flavors were a bit whacky (watermelon jalapeño, violet lemonade, etc.) you sort of have the expectation that someone choosing to make those flavors knows what they’re doing and is going to deliver. I can only describe the taste as ultra-healthy and the texture as grainy (I know, yuck!). Paletas aside, it was a really gorgeous night. There was a strong breeze and some local musicians playing for tips a few meters away. There were tons of sailboats to watch in the distance, an occasional kayaking passerby, and a lot less foot traffic than I was expecting. I’m sure we’ll be back before long. Next time, I’ll let Porter pick the food.




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